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7 reasons to start learning PHP online

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Cindy Bates

Business owners nowadays generally recognize the critical role played by the World Wide Web in the success and failure of their businesses. They likewise see the importance of online business portals wherein they can showcase their products and services, and reach their target audience. For this reason, it is imperative and very relevant for business owners to make sure that their business websites utilize the latest platforms in web designing and language scripting for web development. Two of the most commonly used platforms for website designing are PHP and HTML. (more…)

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Steps on Building a Career in a E-Commerce Jewelry Store

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Green diamond with positive online results in business. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

The Internet has completely changed the way business is done in the modern world.  Over the last 20 years, more and more businesses have embraced the world of online marketing in order to tap into the growing market.

The E-Commerce Numbers

In 2012, the International Telecommunications Union (ITU) predicted that 2.5 billion people will be using the Internet by 2015, indicating rich opportunities on this platform. According to a study by Nielsen, U.S. e-commerce sales in 2012 accounted for 5.2% of total sales. What’s more U.S. Census Bureau’s statistics indicated that 77% of shoppers are influenced by online recommendations. (more…)

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Young Professionals, Is Entrepreneurship Your Entry Level Job? 3 Things You Need to Know

If you are a young professional with an entry level job as an entrepreneur, the following post has three things you need to know.

Entrepreneurship isn’t easy — but if you commit to understanding your customers and leveraging new technologies, it could be your first and last “job.” Growing up, most of us still believe in the American Dream – that by getting a college education and building up our resumes with internships and relevant professional skills, we’ll

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Want to Recruit Social Media Experts? Host a Breakfast for Them.

The Twin Cities’ Social Media Breakfast was recently held at Deluxe Corporation. The event focused on small businesses and their use of social media. At the event, a panel of small business owners discussed how they currently use social networks to strengthen and expand customer base.

What has this got to do with recruiting? Well, Deluxe is re-making itself from the leading printer of checks into an information technology consulting firm for small and medium sized businesses. Let’s say you own a restaurant and want to build a powerful social media presence to drive loads and loads of new and repeat business. Who do you call? Deluxe wants you to call them. So how does a recruiting team get in front of a bunch of social media gurus? One great idea is to host a social media breakfast and invite everyone in your metro in that space. Then they can learn more about you while you learn more about them. Most won’t be interested in you and/or you won’t be interested in them for one reason or another, but if dozens or even hundreds of potential hires attend, how can you go wrong?

Take a peak at footage and pictures from the event!

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You’ve heard of video resumes, but how about video job postings?

One of the most interesting organizations that I’ve run across recently is Deluxe Corporation. They’re headquartered in suburban Minneapolis and were founded way, way back in 1915. Most people likely aren’t familiar with Deluxe’s business and many of those who who think they are, well, aren’t.

If you’ve ever written a paper check, then you probably know Deluxe. They’re the king of paper check printing but we all know that’s a dying business as more and more of that business moves to on-line bill payments and other forms of electronic commerce. Deluxe saw this coming and about a decade ago began to transform its business. Just about everyone would agree they needed to adapt or perish, so the question wasn’t really if they should adapt but how they should adapt. Deluxe made a brilliant decision by recognizing that one of its greatest strengths was that it had a HUGE number of small business clients who knew and trusted Deluxe. So rather than looking to adapt based upon its existing products or even the skills of its current employees, Deluxe decided to adapt to fill a need that many of its clients had: information technology.

If you’re a small business and need a web site developed or a web site hosted or other information technology needs, you should know that you can and should consider Deluxe to fill those needs. But think about the incredible transformation in the types of employees they now need to hire. Rather than hiring a whole lot of pre-press and printing folks, they now need to hire a whole lot of information technology folks. So Deluxe needed — and has — gotten smart about hiring information technology people really, really quickly. Want proof? Have a look at this Talent Sourcer job posting video that they recently posted to their Facebook Fan Page. Keep going like this, guys, and you’re going to thrive for another 95 years.