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The Go-Getters Guide to a Smart Career

Successful career. Winner on the top. Concept 3D illustration

Successful career. Winner on the top. Concept 3D illustration. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

All you youngsters out there that are starting off a new, and very important chapter in life, you’re probably a little jittery about the future. It is scary going into the great unknown that is a career, making hard choices, choosing your life’s path, going to the office every day, and all the other myriad responsibilities that crop up when you make the transformation from free-spirited teenager to career-focused grown up.

The apprehension then, is normal, but that shouldn’t take away from the seriousness of the situation and the possible ramifications of misguided choices made at this stage. So, if a successful career is what you’re looking for, here are some tips, tricks and lessons that will help you achieve just that. (more…)

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Want to Change Careers, College Graduates and Find New Jobs? 5 Ways Not to Limit Yourself Mentally

For college graduates who want to find jobs in new careers, it is important for them not to limit themselves mentally in these five ways found in the following post.

You probably fell into your current career. Yes, I know you planned. You carefully considered your choice of degree. You got a job you were qualified for. But you only assessed opportunities that were right in front of your nose.   Your choices were (unwittingly) limited. Limited by your environment.

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What are the Pros and Cons of Being an Internship Finder after Graduating?

Now that you have graduated from college, you might want to gain some work experience through an internship.  As a recent graduate, do you know the pros and cons being an internship finder after graduating?  If not, learn what they are in the following post.

Featured: Not Featured I received a note from someone in Australia who said she graduated in 2006 and was thinking about going into a new career – she also mentioned wanting to potentially work in another country. She asked if internships were a potential solution for her situation. Here are my thoughts on the subject of

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Can Recent College Graduate Jobs Lead to Careers that Fulfill Many Interests? Learn 6 Tips to Get You Started.

It may be challenging to find recent college graduate jobs that fulfill multiple interests.  The following post has six tips that can begin a path that leads to a career where you can satisfy all of your passions.

Do you cringe when thinking about pursuing only one career? As someone with a lot of different passions—someone with both a film degree and a law degree, who did freelance Web design and played classical violin for much of her life—I couldn’t imagine ever finding a single career that would keep

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6 Tips for Incorporating Multiple Interests Into One Career

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How to Make Your Dream Career a Reality

CollegeRecruiter.comIt is probably true that every person would love to begin his or her career in their dream job.  The reality is you may not, but that does not mean you won’t get it eventually.  The following post offers tips to make your dream career come true.

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Sitting in class each semester, it’s easy to imagine what your dream job looks like. You’re in the midst of learning all sorts of great things about your career options and gaining the knowledge and specialized skills you’ll need to succeed. Unfortunately, enthusiasm can sometimes lead to an inflated view of what to expect after graduation.

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How to Make Your Dream Career a Reality

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Work Beyond the 9 to 5 to Pursue your Dream Career

For many of you who’ve taken entry-level jobs after college, you may feel as though it’s nowhere near your dream career. While our first jobs may be more enjoyable than others, in this tough economy, we usually take what we can get. At the same time, though, there’s much to be said for gunning for your dream career, even when you’ve just starting out in the working world. And the best way to accomplish just that is by making use of your time outside of working hours to continue developing skills needed for that eventual career of your dreams. Here are a few tips: (more…)