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Posted May 20, 2013 by

How to Balance Internships, Jobs for College Students, and Other Priorities

We all have things that are important to us in our lives.  However, at some point you may need to decide what your priorities are.  The following post explains how to balance internships, jobs for college students, and other priorities.

Finding the balance between academic excellence while maintaining your social life can be overwhelming for the average person. Adding a job, internship or athletics to all of that is impossible for some. Then there is you… You want to do it all. While this is admirable, it is also difficult to do everything well. Often, taking

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Creating Balance Between Internship, Studies and your Personal Life

Posted December 27, 2012 by

10 Kisses Of Death for a Resume

CollegeRecruiter.comBefore sending out your resume(s) to prospective employers, you need to make sure that it is flawless.  Any little mistake can cost you the chance for a job interview.  The following post has ten resume mistakes that may keep you from consideration for a job opportunity.

Resume writing mistakes that ruin your chances

Listen. Is that your phone not ringing? And after sending out 100 resumes, each of them four pages long, powder puffed, enveloped in coral green and sealed with a wax stamp? Maybe it’s time to take stock of that all-important document, and make sure it’s not stumbling around out there with its figurative foot in its mouth. Here’s 10 kisses of death, classic mistakes made in writing a job resume that have been known to keep phones from ringing.

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10 Kisses Of Death for a Resume