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The Importance of Having the Best Possible Candidate Experience

As recently as five years ago, few employers cared about the experience that they created for candidates. Applying to work for an organization was often excruciating and so only, the most desperate of candidates would make it through the process. Employers had few tools in-place to measure not just how many candidates dropped out of the process but the quality of those candidates. Today, thanks in large part to The Candidate Experience Awards, almost all large and many medium- and small-sized organizations are working hard to make the experience of the candidate a positive one.

In today’s webinar, Andrea McEwen Henderson, National Account Manager for College Recruiter hosts College Recruiter President Steven Rothberg, who will discuss the importance of the candidate experience to College Recruiter.


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Remote DBA Experts explain the job of a DBA

Two administrators, male and female, at server room

Two administrators, male and female, at server room. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Now a day’s all websites, web pages are dynamic. It means that it’s not just a page where in you read the data. You have multiple options on the page. Multiple tabs, check boxes, buttons that lead to some other data not already on the screen. All of this data shown and possibly shown on the website is basically stored in a data base. So whenever someone types in a website’s name in the address bar, the data base server pushes the home screen data. When you write a simple blog, that blog is stored in the database. When someone wants to read the blog, the blog is retrieved from the database. The comments posted on the blog are also stored in the database, only to be retrieved later on. (more…)

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Oracle DBA Jobs – How to Grab One?

Oracle corporate headquarters in Silicon Valley.

Oracle corporate headquarters in Silicon Valley. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

The Oracle DBA jobs are high on demand nowadays. The question is why Oracle is considered as the chief market player as far as database computing is concerned? The Oracle Database includes RDBMS (relational database management system) that is manufactured and marketed by the company itself. As far as the Oracle DBA is concerned, he is expected to work on the Oracle database in order to meet the changing requirement of the business processes. The primary reason why the brand has become so famous is owing to the fact that its database is unique as it helps its users by providing them with a competitive advantage via technological advancement. In addition to this, the users can also mitigate a process by putting all kinds of data in the database with the help of Oracle secure files. (more…)

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Do You Know These 5 Things When Searching for Recent Graduate Jobs on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn users searching for recent graduate jobs should be aware of five things about the site found in the following post.

You’ve created your LinkedIn profile, crafted a compelling headline and updated all of your past experience and education… so you’re all set to go. Recruiters will just start magically calling, right? Wrong. If you wait around for recruiters to find you – and don’t actually DO something with your LinkedIn account – then you’re missing out. And

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Trying to Find Recent Graduate Jobs on LinkedIn? 6 Tips for Your Job Search

If you are a LinkedIn user searching for recent graduate jobs, try these six tips for your job search found in the following post.

Searching for an internship or a job in today’s economy isn’t as easy as pouring hot water into your ramen noodles and calling it dinner. If you want to successfully enter the workforce, you must stay proactive and persistent when searching for jobs. Luckily, for you, there are plenty of free resources available that can make the

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Where are the Best Entry Level Jobs and Which Ones Have Earning Potential?

College students and recent graduates, the following post shares where you can find the best entry level jobs and the ones that have good earning potential, according to one source.

Best Companies for Entry Level Jobs, according to Forbes. Enterprise Rent-A-Car; Teach for America; Verizon Wireless; Hertz Auto Rental; PricewaterhouseCoopers; KPMG, LLP; Target; Ernst & Young; City Year; Aerotek…


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4 Reasons Why Recruiters Want Your Resume in Word Format

CollegeRecruiter.comJob seekers, a quality resume won’t do you any good unless it is received by a recruiter or an employer in the right format.  The following post lists four reasons why the Word format should be used when submitting your resume.

Since Microsoft Office 2007 allows candidates the option to save files as PDF versions, I have noticed an increasing number of resumes in .PDF format. I’ve also noticed resumes that are scanned copies of a paper resume, often resulting in a .JPG or .PNG image file. Below are four key reasons to always send your resume as a Word document (.doc) to ensure you don’t unintentionally hinder your job search:

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4 Reasons Why Recruiters Want Your Resume in Word Format

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Your Talent Database: A Coal Mine or a Gold Mine?

CollegeRecruiter.comWhy are some companies missing out on the best talent available?  The following post identifies some problems concerning their recruiting process.

Would you consider your candidate database a coal mine or a gold mine? Are you missing out on candidates when you search your database?  Have you lost a placement to a competitor because the candidate did not appear in your search results?  Have you learned the hard way by spending way too much time creating and then deleting a record after you’ve found it to be a duplicate record?

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Your Talent Database: A Coal Mine or a Gold Mine?