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Posted June 01, 2010 by

Sales Jobs in Dallas for Advertising Sales Agents

If you’re looking for sales jobs in Dallas, there will be plenty of open positions for advertising sales agents during the next few years.
Advertising sales agents work to sell various types of advertising, including graphic art, advertising space in publications, custom made signs, or television and radio advertising. They also may be responsible for outdoor advertising or convincing retailers to promote their display items.
Many employees can learn the skills they need for this position through one to 12 months of on-the-job training. However, some advertising sales jobs, such as those that are client-facing, require a college degree.
There will be a strong need for advertising sales agents in Dallas during the near future, according to the Texas Workforce Commission.
Employment in Dallas is expected to increase from 1,750 workers during 2006 to 2,050 workers by 2016, accounting for 300 additional jobs and a growth rate of 17.10 percent.
Employment throughout Texas should increase from 8,350 workers during 2006 to 10,300 workers by 2016, resulting in 1,950 available jobs and a growth of 23.40 percent.
Across all of America, employment of advertising sales agents is anticipated to increase from 170,479 workers during 2006 to 205,119 workers by 2016, making for 34,600 extra jobs and an overall growth rate of 20.30 percent.
The biggest industries that employ advertising sales agents include:

  • Newspaper, periodical, book and directory publishers – 35.07 percent
  • Radio and television broadcasting – 24.46 percent
  • Advertising and related services – 22.36 percent

Aside from good employment opportunities, advertising sales agents can expect to be paid relatively well.
During 2008, the average wage for advertising sales agents in Dallas was $29.91 per hour, while the average wage throughout Texas was $23.29 per hour and the average wage across the nation was $25.56 per hour.