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Posted June 19, 2014 by

College Students, Do You Have Routines When Searching for Jobs? 4 Reasons to Get Away from Them

As college students searching for jobs, make sure routines don’t hinder your progress.  There are four reasons why should get away from them in the following post.

An article by Deepak Chopra, the famed Indian author and alternative medicine healer, suggests that routines pose an obstacle to living consciously and affect the way we work. The same holds true for the job search, and routines could be the thing preventing long-term job seekers from advancing in their careers. While

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Posted May 06, 2013 by

Recent College Graduate Jobs Should Make Them Happy

While many college graduates may have the goal of finding high paying jobs, they should not forget to think about what can make them happy.  Otherwise, they probably won’t stay in those positions very long.  The following post encourages those searching for recent college graduate jobs to include their own happiness as a factor.

In my final semester of college, I’m taking my capstone course for my Certificate in Leadership Studies: Leadership and Complexity. In this class, we take an in depth look at many advanced leadership theories while analyzing leadership experiences and personal identity. The class challenges students to understand creating positive, sustainable change in modern day society. read

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Finding a Job That Makes YOU Happy