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Posted June 02, 2014 by

Going on Interviews for Jobs for College Students? 6 Ways to Dismiss Yourself as a Candidate

When interviewing for jobs for college students, there are things you can do to hurt your chances of getting hired if you’re not careful.  Learn six ways to dismiss yourself as a candidate in the following post.

Interviewing for a job is a tough, long process. And when you finally develop a rapport with a recruiter only to hear they went a different direction (or even worse, you get the “no call at all” thing), its hard not to get down. How can you avoid this frustrating scenario? Truth is, sometimes you can’t.

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Posted May 23, 2014 by

Employers, Interviewing Candidates for Recent Graduate Jobs? 3 Strategies to Find the Best Ones

When interviewing candidates for recent graduate jobs, how can employers find the best ones?  Try these three strategies in the following post.

Shiny resumes are scary. That carefully curated one-pager freaks me out. Credentials really mean nothing. For better or worse, the resume is still the main currency for getting a job. It’s a quick way to get a baseline overview of past experiences and relevant skills. But don’t fool yourself into thinking you can extract anything past that

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Applying for Recent College Graduate Jobs? Take Your Resume to the Mountain Top

When applying for recent college graduate jobs, your resume is sure to be a key factor.  So, how can you take it the mountain top?  Learn more in the following post.

We all know that for each open position, a recruiter receives a mountain of resumes. So what if you had access to insider knowledge that would help you climb to the top of that mountain? This infographic from our friends at Kelly Services provides exactly that: insider information from hundreds of recruiters that will help you rise well above

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Posted March 18, 2014 by

Writing Cover Letters for Recent College Graduate Jobs? Tips to Win Over Start-up Employers

The following post shares some tips to help you impress start-up employers when writing cover letters for recent college graduate jobs.

First things first: the best start-up cover letter is usually not a traditional cover letter at all. It’s a warm introduction to someone important, at your start-up of choice, from someone important… you, their next team member. Additionally, whoever is reading your application at a start-up is inevitably pressed for

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Posted August 29, 2012 by

Maximizing Selection for Culture Fit: Part II

Marisa Seeds

Dr. Marisa Seeds, Senior Consultant at Shaker Consulting Group

In my previous entry on Maximizing Selection for Culture Fit (Part I), I shared three tips that focused on using pre-employment testing to maximize your learning about candidates’ culture fit early in the hiring process. The remaining two tips shared below focus on using culture fit data to attract and engage candidates – that is, beyond measuring candidates’ fit and learning about where they stand, how can we use this information to further engage them in the hiring process and beyond? (more…)

Posted August 28, 2012 by

Maximizing Selection for Culture Fit: Part I

Marisa Seeds

Dr. Marisa Seeds, Senior Consultant at Shaker Consulting Group

Interest continues to grow around the use of hiring assessment tools that measure culture fit. Companies want to evaluate the match between a candidate’s needs and what an organization has to offer in terms of its culture. While most pre-employment assessments are focused on predicting job performance, research continues to show that culture fit is another important piece of the puzzle. In addition to having an impact on job performance, culture fit can be even more critical for increased engagement and higher retention.

So, how can we predict a candidate’s culture fit early in the hiring process? (more…)