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Facing the employer’s expectations when applying for a job

Boris Dzhingarov 2

Boris Dzhingarov

We live in a world where students don’t have an exact perspective on the working industry and how they are supposed to manage in this new part of their lives that is about to come. Some young adults still think that grades are enough to get a great job and start your professional careers, but the reality is that you need much more to actually get started, from practical experiences to extra-curricular activities and even hobbies. (more…)

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Want to Show Creativity When Searching for Recent College Graduate Jobs? 3 Tips for Success

If you want to be creative in your search for recent college graduate jobs, there are three tips in the following post that could help you find success.

Once a week on Mashable, Tech Crunch or Huffington Post I read about someone’s creative promotional approach to marketing themselves as a job seeker. Whether it’s a funky infographic resume, a physical promotional package, or an innovative digital portfolio, many of them are legitimately cool and sometimes successful (like this one). Other, however, more closely

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Applying for Recent Graduate Jobs with Creative Resumes? 5 Examples Along with Resume Tips

If you need some inspiration for putting together creative resumes when applying for recent graduate jobs, the following post shares some examples along with some resume tips for success.

When it comes to your internship or job search, you’re probably wondering how you can differentiate yourself from other candidates. Maybe a creative resume seems like a good way to go. Especially since over the last decade, Millennials have, with great fanfare in some cases, gotten creative with their resumes in order to land dream jobs and internships…

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Resume Makeover – Tips to Make Your Resume a Spicy Treat to Entice the Recruiters

Close up of person looking at a resume

Close up of person looking at a resume. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

You want to be the siren of the job market, yet you can’t even secure a single interview. Have you ever wondered why such a cruel thing only happens to you when others are getting 2 to 3 interview calls in a week? It is undoubtedly because your resume isn’t just as chic as you wanted it to be.

Regardless of how perfect you think you are for the job you, chances are that your tedious resume would get in the way, closing all the doors that lead to a “once in a lifetime opportunity”. Therefore, you seriously need to consider giving your resume a makeover and turn it into the “Mjölnir” to beat all the competitors out there battling for the throne. (more…)

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Applying for an Entry Level Job with a Creative Design for Your Resume? Why You Should Be Cautious

If you’re thinking about submitting a resume with a creative design when applying for an entry level job, think twice before doing so.  Learn more in the following post.

Featured: Not Featured I met a lovely student over the weekend who had a question about her resume. She had a friend who worked in graphic design and took some creative liberties when designing her resume for her. I took a look at the resume and although it was very cool – incorporating a mint green

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Creative Resumes: Are You Overdoing It?

CollegeRecruiter.comDo you want to add some visual appeal to your resume?  While this might be a good idea, there are some questions you should consider, according to the following post.

A creative resume is often a great option for job seekers to stand out. But if you’re not working in a creative field like graphic design or fashion, how do you know when your resume crosses the line from creative to distracting?  Creative resumes can vary in nature–for some job seekers, it may mean adding a cool border

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Creative Resumes: Are You Overdoing It?