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Paths to take to progress up the corporate ladder in a finance career

finance clerk in office calculating financing with calculator and files

Finance clerk in office calculating financing with calculator and files. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

It is one thing to have a job and another totally different thing to have a career. There are people with jobs, but they are not in the career that they wished to have. At the same time, it is possible to have a job in your chosen career, but something different to be successful in your work. This is especially the case in professions such as finance and banking. Many people get jobs in the industry but then they have no idea what path to take after that. The end result is stagnation and frustration which of course is not healthy in any way.

For people in the in the field of finance, there are so many career options to consider. The goal is to ensure that you get to the topmost rank that you can attain and become the best in your career. The first thing that you must have in order to take these career paths in finance is the interest. Are you interested in handling the tasks that usually come with this career? (more…)

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Interested in Accounting Jobs for Recent College Graduates? Why You Might Enjoy a Career in this Field

Congratulations on graduating with your accounting degree!  Now, it’s time to look for a job.  If you are interested in accounting jobs for recent college graduates, the following post identifies some opportunities, as well as reasons why a career in this field may be a rewarding.

Are you good with numbers? Do you think you have a strong head for business? If so, you may want to consider a career in accounting. Accounting is so much more than simply keeping the books – it is one of the most important functions in any well-run business,

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Are There Personal Issues Affecting Your Search for Jobs for College Students?

Jobs for college students may be tough enough to find when you don’t have any personal issues, but imagine if you have some affecting your search. In the following post, get an example of the latter and advice on handling such a situation.

Hello Fellow/Fella Professionals! As a new contributor here, I would like to say “hi” and let you know I welcome your input/feedback. Speaking of which, feedback in terms of Beth Berk seeking a new job! How many actually have received some good feedback lately? If so

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