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Why to Choose an MBA Degree? Top 6 Reasons…..

Swati Srivastava

Swati Srivastava

An MBA degree is a popular option among fresh graduates or working professionals due to the career advancement offered by it. If you are still thinking about pursuing an MBA degree, the following post offers you the top reasons to study an MBA program. Read more to know… (more…)

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What Does It Take to Find Entry Level Jobs in Finance?

For those of you trying to find entry level jobs in finance, there is one step you may want to consider first that can eventually lead you to the job you want.  Learn more in the following post.

If you’ve been looking for entry level finance jobs, you already know that it’s a tough market out there. What you may not know is that many finance rock.

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Top 10 Consulting Firms

College graduates, are you looking for entry level jobs in consulting?  If so, the following post includes 10 of the top consulting firms where you may want to consider employment.

Job seekers eager to establish a career in the consulting industry received some exciting news with the release of the Vault Consulting 50 Rankings for 2014. The rankings, which examine firms that are the best to work for, while also highlighting the top firms in various quality of life categories, practice areas and prestige, suggest that the consulting industry, as a whole, is experiencing a turnaround as the economy improves and more jobs become available. (more…)

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3 Keys to Landing an Entry Level Job in Consulting

Do you need some help finding an entry level job in consulting?  If so, the following post has three tips that could assist you.

Massive competition exists for entry level consulting jobs. Finding a consulting position at the beginning of a career requires much more than applying to every job posting you can find online.

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Campus tours and the Gilligan’s Island dilemma

CollegeRecruiter.comBefore visiting a college campus, prospective college students are likely to want some information about the experience.  The following post helps college recruiters understand how they can assist students and their families ahead of a campus visit.

As the “Token Millennial” in the TargetX office, I’d like to put you in a young adult’s shoes for a minute.

Imagine that you’re 22-years-old, getting ready to take a new job and moving from Vermont to Georgia. After discussing it with your family (and posting it on Facebook of course), what is the first thing you do?

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Campus tours and the Gilligan’s Island dilemma

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Top 10 Tech Consulting Firms to Work For logoJob seekers interested in IT consulting have many companies to choose from.  Here are the top 10 tech consulting firms to work for, according to’s annual tech consulting survey. (more…)

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Interview with a Consultant

I’m a consultant within the recruiting industry and have been a consultant for about 10 years. Rather than work in a human resources department full-time and recruit candidates for an organization’s job openings, I consult with organizations on a contractual basis. Consultants are generally used on an “as-needed” basis and provide expertise in a specific industry or occupation for organizations.

My work consists of assisting companies to fill their job openings. I use my skills, network and recruiting experience to quickly fill job openings with candidates that match the company’s culture and required skills for the job. A common misconception about consulting is that it’s not steady work. As a consultant, work can last a few weeks to a few years. Generally, if I consistently meet the requirements of my clients, my work continues. I consider my clients’ needs no matter what they are. If I put my ego aside and go above their expectations, I’m employed. (more…)