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Salary disclosure and the new climate: Tips for recruiters to make informed hiring decisions


Wages for women and minorities still lag behind their White male counterparts. Consequently, equal pay regulations have gained traction quickly in the last few years. The intent of the legislation, focused around salary disclosure, is to close the stubborn pay gap. Recruiters may be losing one tool in their toolbox but they can still perform their jobs well. 

Last year, eight states, cities, or localities made it illegal for employers to ask for salary history. At the end of 2017, more than a dozen pay equity laws were under review. Many HR experts anticipate this trend will continue. To get ahead of the curve, your HR team should review your strategy. (more…)

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Beyond Nine to Five – Acquiring and Retaining Talent in the Digital Age

Acquiring and retaining talent in the digital age is a very important skill to know. In recent years the way recruiting works has drastically changed. The way that students and graduates are looking for jobs has changed as well. Learning these new strategies can help increase the speed and ease of recruiting new talent.

In this webinar, you’ll learn some key points on how to acquire and retain talent in the digital age. College Recruiter is the leading niche job board used by college and university recent graduates searching for entry-level jobs and students hunting for internships.

For job seekers, College Recruiter features hundreds of thousands of entry-level and internship job postings from thousands of large and small employers. College Recruiter also has tens of thousands of employment-related articles; ask the Experts questions and answers, blogs, videos, and more.


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How Do You Handle The Dreaded Compensation Question? – It Depends

Sheila O'Connor

Sheila O'Connor, 15SecondResume

Most job candidates will tell me that the one question they dread more than any other is about compensation, with good reason. It’s a question that has no right answer. In fact, the best way to respond to the question will differ depending upon a number of factors including; who’s asking, what their role is in the hiring process, what stage of the hiring process that you are currently in and the level of the position. For example advice for how to respond to the question when asked by the hiring manager may undermine your candidacy with an outside recruiter. With all the material available about the compensation subject it can be daunting and confusing. You don’t want to put yourself at a disadvantage by pricing yourself too high nor do you want to price yourself too low. (more…)

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Don’t Be Side-Swiped by a Buyout

With various sectors of our economy falling apart left and right, many businesses are closing, or cutting back at the very least. As a result, thousands of employees each month are being let go.
Some of the businesses that have been around longer are handling the need to let employees go by asking them to take a voluntary buyout package, which usually involves a hefty compensation package. Depending on the person, this could be good or bad. If you have been, or are about to be, offered a voluntary buyout package, take some time to learn the pros and cons. This way, you won’t feel side-swiped by the request.
Are They Offering Enough Money?
Not that you’re setting out to be greedy, but they are asking you to leave the company, right? This means you need to make sure that you and your family will be well taken care of until you can find another job. Some companies offer employees two week’s pay for each year of service. For some, this adds up quite nicely. But does it measure up to the amount you could receive if you just stuck around and retired (that is, if your job will last that long)?
If you really think that leaving might be the best option, but you’re not sure if you like the buyout amount they’re offering, you may want to inquire about additional money owed. This might include making sure that you have money equivalents for unused vacation and sick days thrown into the package. Depending on what you have leftover, this could beef up your package quite nicely.
Will You Lose Your Seniority?
Another question to ask yourself when contemplating whether to take the buyout package is will you lose your seniority? Some companies will offer a large sum to employees they would like to buyout. But the downside to that is that when the employee tries to acquire another job, they will have to start at ground zero. For someone who has put in over 25 years at one establishment, this prospect can be very disheartening. This is especially true when taking into consideration that your job downsizing may mean the rest of the industry may be doing the very same thing. You want to make sure that the money you receive will be worth losing your seniority at best, and eliminating your prospect of a new job at worst.

Is It Worth Sticking Around?

Finally, before you turn down a buyout package flat, think about whether it’s worth sticking around. If the company is going out of business soon, and stock prices are falling, you may want to snatch the amount they offer before you lose your chance at such a high amount in the future. Determining the fate of the company will take some research on your part. But it will be well worth it to gather the insight you’ll need to make the best decision for your financial well-being.
Before you agree to accept any type of voluntary buyout package, you will want to consult with an attorney. An attorney can help you decide whether leaving is worth it. And also show whether the numbers that the company is offering (which may seem impressive) are really enough.
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