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Four reasons why four years of college are the best part of your life

Portrait of happy college students studying on bench at campus

Portrait of happy college students studying on bench at campus. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

College education and life is one experience that no student or individual per say should really not have gone through. College, besides a transition phase from your late childhood or teenage to early adulthood, is also a place where you find some of the best moments of your life. It is the time when you start to look after your own self, stop relying on your parents and learn the realities of life in a soft manner. After college, usually hardships and struggles await you; so quite literally, college is also the best part of your age and life. (more…)

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Tips for College Students to Write Effective Resumes

Writing a curriculum vitae

Writing a curriculum vitae. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Writing an appealing resume can be a tough ask for college students, who quickly realize that it involves a lot more than what they initially anticipate. If you know how to write your resume effectively, you will be able to tell prospective employers that you possess the right skills for a particular job. There are some important tips that you can follow to ensure that you present your background in an attention grabbing manner to recruiters. (more…)

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6 Tips to a ‘Joyous’ Job Interview

Jimmy Sweeney

Jimmy Sweeney, President of CareerJimmy

It’s easy to get caught up in the holiday buzz––shopping, wrapping, baking, visiting, partying! And it’s also a way to escape thinking about the job interview that’s just around the corner—maybe even right in the middle of all the feasting and fun. You may be tempted to put it off, change the date, and delay preparing for the moment you walk into the interviewer’s office.

On the other hand, this is an excellent time of year to interview for a job. Why? Because people are typically in a cheerful mood, full of ‘good will toward men’ (and women) and eager to extend a helping hand and a hearty handshake to friends and strangers.

This is your opportunity to return the favor by approaching the hiring manager with a sincere smile, a firm handshake, and solid answers to questions that will help him or her move your name to the top of the list of people to consider for filling the job opening. (more…)

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Want to Establish a Network for Your Entry Level Job Search? How to Get Started

Networking as part of your entry level job search could help you learn about job opportunities before they are made known to the public.  If you don’t have a network already but want to build one, the following post has tips to get you started.

In a presentation called “Launching an Effective Job Search,” I discuss the “iceberg” graphic shown here, illustrating the components of a multi-faceted job search. Notice that above the water line – the tip of the iceberg – is “posted jobs” and “resumes and cover letters.” This is

This article –

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5 Misconceptions About The College Admissions Process

Myths and misinformation about the college admissions process seem to take on a life of their own. We’ve heard too many stories of both students and parents making decisions based on information from friends and relatives that doesn’t reflect actual admission practices and policies.

We’ve highlighted a few of the most common misconceptions so that you will recognize them when you hear them. Knowing fact from fiction will help ensure you don’t make a mistake that ends up hurting your chances for acceptance at the college of your dreams. (more…)

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Take Initiative by Getting Involved With Community Service Programs

It’s hard to find out how to get involved with community service programs in your city if the city does not promote their causes. My problems arose while contacting government associations in my city and no one wanted to direct me to organizations. To live in a capitol city, I expected these government associations to give me a sense of direction but I received disappointment instead. This can’t happen everywhere when people want to be involved and want to make changes. It hurts my heart to realize how these ‘officials’ or ‘important’ people would seem so cold to their communities.