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Posted May 06, 2013 by

Five College Skills You Can Use To Boost Your Career

The word "skills" on a chalkboard. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

The word “skills” on a chalkboard. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

You have a degree. Now what?

For many college grads, looking back at the time spent feverishly studying for term papers and putting together presentations can be nostalgic. It can also reveal some crucial life lessons learned throughout your time in college.

Although some lessons learned will not apply to all types of jobs, the career path you choose will benefit from the skills you acquired during your education. Here are the top five college skills you can use to build up your career and get you started in the real world on the right foot. (more…)

Posted October 15, 2012 by

7 College Skills That Really Matter on a Resume

There are some skills that you learn in college that will most certainly not come in handy when crafting your resume: keg standing, dragging break-ups out for more than a year, turning Ramen into a three-course meal. But some skills you pick up in college are serious signals to employers that you would be a great hire. Consider how you can demonstrate that you have these qualities when you start applying for jobs. (more…)