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Posted February 11, 2014 by

Want an Entry Level Job or Promotion? Employers Advice on How to Get It

For job seekers wondering what it takes to land an entry level job or a promotion, the following post shares what some employers believe is necessary.

News To Live By recently asked 100 business leaders and career coaches: How do you identify potential in new hires and, specifically, Millennials? Surprisingly, almost every answer was, in essence, “we value young people with inner drive and those who take it upon themselves to go the extra mile — even when no one

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Posted September 04, 2012 by

Fitness Program Seeks to Hire the Best Coaches and Athletes

Are you a coach or an athlete looking to make a difference in the lives of other people?  The following opportunity may be for you.

As the world recently cheered on athletes who most embody the Olympic spirit, we reflect on how greatly sports have evolved throughout the years. The methods for coaching athletes have changed drastically as well. These days, coaches have to be versatile enough to grow beyond teamwork and motivational techniques in order to truly inspire their athletes.

That’s why the GH School of Healthy Living is forging ahead and embracing a distinctive approach to personal training, which has resulted in creating world class trainers and inspirational healthy living leaders. It all starts with the right team, and GH is hiring. (more…)