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What languages to learn to be confident in the job market

justine thomas

Justine Thomas

In the modern world, fluency in a foreign language is a factor of self-realization. For example, knowledge of English, German, or Spanish, exceeding the school course may be decisive in terms of career. Therefore, it is important to choose the language that will significantly increase your professional opportunities.

Today there are approximately 7,000 different languages in the world. Even the best polyglot won’t be able to master them all. However, most of these languages are used by a relatively small number of speakers. Another thing is the so-called “imperial languages.” If you think about learning a foreign language, you have to pay attention to them first of all. The term “imperial language” means the investment attractiveness of the language. (more…)

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Are you listening to podcasts on International Student Enrollment

CollegeRecruiter.comFor colleges and universities looking to increase student enrollment, they may be able to get some new ideas through podcasts.  The following post provides information which could help these institutions achieve this goal.

Listening to podcasts has been productive for my own professional development. I am using audio podcasts during my commute and travel time to stay up-to-date on relevant topics and important publications. I looked around and could not find anything relevant with a focus on international student enrollment and international marketing for universities. As a result, we will launch a monthly podcast series addressing larger strategic issues, country-specific information, partner and vendor information and hands-on practical recruitment questions.

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Are you listening to podcasts on International Student Enrollment