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Posted May 21, 2014 by

5 Ways to Enhance Your Morning Routine at Work

Do you have a morning routine once you start your day at the office?  If so, do you feel like you’re getting the most out of it?  Don’t worry, in this post you will learn five ways to enhance your routine at work, and more. (more…)

Posted May 20, 2014 by

Work Experience Essential to College Students Looking for Jobs in Accounting and Finance

If you are a college student who wants a job in accounting or finance, make sure you have some work experience under your belt.

According to a new survey from Accountemps, 83% of chief financial officers (CFOs) interviewed said it is important for students to gain work experience in the field during their college years if they are hoping to compete for entry-level accounting and finance positions upon graduation. (more…)

Posted May 15, 2014 by

Internet Use Wastes the Most Time at Work

Employers who are wondering why workers aren’t being as productive as possible just might find the answer in the following post.

Web surfing and water cooler chatter are the top time thieves at work, according to a new survey of chief financial officers (CFOs) from Robert Half Management Resources. Nearly one-third (32%) of executives interviewed said non-business related Internet use, including social media, is the greatest time-waster. Chatting with coworkers ranked a not-too-distant second, garnering 27% of the response. (more…)

Posted August 01, 2012 by

CFOs say Less Than Four in 10 Management Opportunities are Internal Hires

If you are looking for a promotion in management within your company, it may be a bit of a challenge.

To fill management positions, companies are more likely to look for talent outside rather than within their own ranks, a new survey from Robert Half Management Resources suggests. Chief financial officers (CFOs) interviewed said that, on average, 38 percent of management roles in their departments were filled by internal candidates.

CFOs were asked, “What percentage of managerial positions within your accounting and finance department are filled by candidates who were promoted from within?” (more…)

Posted July 19, 2012 by

CFOs and Employees Feel Differently about Performance Reviews

One of these groups believes performance reviews work, while the other says not so much.

How useful are performance reviews? It depends on whom you ask. In an Accountemps survey, 94 percent of chief financial officers (CFOs) interviewed said formal evaluations are either somewhat or very effective in helping employees improve their performance. Yet nearly one in three workers (31 percent) disagreed, calling these appraisals either somewhat or very ineffective.

CFOs were asked, “In your opinion, how effective are annual or semiannual performance reviews in helping employees improve their performance?” Their responses: (more…)

Posted July 02, 2012 by

More Executives Leaving the Office Behind During Summer Vacation

Like most of us, executives want to enjoy their vacations by actually vacating from their jobs.

As executives plan their summer getaways, a lot more of them will leave the office completely behind compared to previous years, according to a new Robert Half Management Resources survey. (more…)