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How to Become a Certified Motor Vehicle Inspector

Young inspector, business man inspecting car, doing a checklist

Young inspector, business man inspecting car, doing a checklist. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Vehicle inspection agencies only hire qualified individuals. You need to have the right academic qualifications and enough experience. You must also have worked in a related field for at least 5 years. It is advisable to ensure that you have all the required qualifications prior to applying for any post.

The career road map of becoming a certified vehicle inspector requires you to attend various reputable educational and training institutions. You should consult experts in the field or friends who work in the same fields for the ideal leads. (more…)

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How to Add Internships to a CNA Resume

The following post explains how to approach including internships to your resume to help you land an entry level job as a certified nursing assistant.

Now that you have done all the hard work to settle as a proficient and successful certified nursing assistant (CNA), it is time to exhibit your prizewinning credentials and expertise before the competitive job market. As a newbie, not only to the professional world, but also to the CNA medical sector in particular, you need to make a

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How to Add Internships to a CNA Resume

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7 Phrases to Leave Off Your Resume

CollegeRecruiter.comThere is nothing wrong with wanting to impress employers with your resume.  However, there are certain descriptions that may not work to your advantage when creating your resume; learn what they are in the following post.

So you’re writing your resume and figure the structure is fine, but what about the content? With more and more resumes being sent to fewer positions, employers see the same phrases come up over and over again. In order to write a resume that stands out, job seekers should avoid using the following seven phrases:

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7 Phrases to Leave Off Your Resume

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Top Career Advice for Government Contracting Professionals – Get Certified!

CollegeRecruiter.comIf you are a federal government contractor looking to take your career to the next level, there is one piece of advice that may interest you.  Learn more in the following post.

My colleague Kevin Drummond, a Senior Acquisition Analyst, was asked to come up with his top career advice for yesterday’s Career Fair panel at the NCMA Government Contracts Management Conference.  Here’s what he wrote in our Integrity Matters blog. Do you agree?

I have many friends and colleagues in the Federal Government and the industry that supports it.  Just like in any field, they’re always thinking about how to make the most of their career.  I thought about what would be the single most important piece of advice I should give for those wanting to take the next step.

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Top Career Advice for Government Contracting Professionals – Get Certified!