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Posted January 27, 2011 by

5 Essential Tips to Influence and Persuade Others at the Workplace

Shweta Khare

Shweta Khare of CareerBright

Persuasion and influence are your stepping stones towards success, whether at the workplace of in our personal lives — we are influencing and persuading others in different ways. How good are you at this essential art of getting things done your way? Before you head on to persuade others, mark the following checklist and see how well you are prepared before others listen to what you have to say.
1. Get in the Shoes of those you wish to Persuade

Always think why the other person would be influenced by you, it is now always about how good you are at persuasion but first think about what they want and how they would want to be influenced for a particular work or situation. Do the ground work first – always do your research on how would they benefit from the solution you have to offer. (more…)