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Posted May 16, 2014 by

Interviewing by Phone for Recent College Graduate Jobs? Mistakes that Will Turn Off Recruiters

When interviewing by phone for recent college graduate jobs, make sure you take the interview seriously.  Don’t make the mistakes mentioned in the following post that will turn off recruiters from you as an ideal job candidate.

Many employers use the phone interview as an initial screening; this short conversation decides who moves on to the next round… and who doesn’t. Unfortunately, many professionals don’t take the phone interview as seriously as an in-person interview. Big mistake…

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Posted May 09, 2014 by

Want Recruiters to Help You Find Jobs for Recent College Graduates? 6 Ways to Attract Them to You as a Candidate

If you want to make a good impression with recruiters to get their help in finding jobs for recent college graduates, the following post has six ways to be a more attractive candidate to them.

A recruiter’s typical day is a whirlwind of emails, resumes, job interviews, blogs, social media, phone screens, background checks and LinkedIn profiles. For many, a 12-hour work day is considered normal. Amid all that hustle – and with everyone else demanding the recruiter’s time – how do you make a recruiter really care

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Posted April 30, 2014 by

Don’t Write These 6 Types of Cover Letters When Applying for an Entry Level Job

When writing a cover letter for an entry level job, make sure yours does not sound like any of the ones mentioned in the following post.

A cover letter can be the spark that ignites a recruiters interest in you. Or, just as easily, can lead to a quick exit for you as a top candidate. So what makes a really good cover letter… and a bad one? We collected some real-life examples of dead-end cover letters

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Posted April 23, 2014 by

Has Your Entry Level Job Become Tedious? 7 Ways to Break Out of Boredom

While you appreciate having an entry level job, at times you might feel like your work is a bit tedious.  In the following post, learn seven ways to break out of boredom while at work.

When I start to feel like I’m stagnating, doing just the bare minimum, I know I can’t allow myself to fall into the black hole of boredom. I must get my adrenaline pumping again. But how? To help stop the daydreaming and get excited again about knocking out the day’s challenges, we spoke to


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Posted March 25, 2014 by

Following Up about Jobs for Recent College Graduates? Do So without Annoying Employers

If you’re following up about jobs for recent college graduates, be careful not to overdo it.  The following post has advice on showing persistence in your job search without becoming annoying.

There’s a fine line between being persistent and a pest. It’s in your best interest to learn where that line is because contacting employers directly is the best approach to landing a job.

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Posted March 18, 2014 by

Interviewing for Recent Graduate Jobs? 7 Questions to Ask that Will Impress Your Interviewer

If you are not quite sure what questions to ask when interviewing for recent graduate jobs, the following post includes an infographic that has seven that will likely impress your interviewer.

Got your questions ready for that big job interview? “Questions?”, you ask. “What questions?” You better take notes. We asked dozens of hiring managers about the best questions they’ve been asked by candidates who got hired. The following is an easy-to-scan infographic with seven amazing questions to ask your next interviewer

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Posted February 04, 2014 by

Writing Your Resume for an Entry Level Job? Start Off By Summarizing Your Skills

Having only a short amount of time to impress an employer with your resume, you want to catch his or her attention quickly to be considered for an entry level job.  The following post suggests starting off your resume with a summary of your skills.

It’s resume common sense that you should lead with your most impressive attributes at the top of your resume. After all, you only have a few seconds to impress. Your best skills and achievements should be easy-to-scan. Steven Provenzano, CPRW/CEIP and author of 9 resume books, including Author: Top Secret Resumes & Cover Letters,

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Posted January 16, 2014 by

Using LinkedIn to Search Jobs for College Students? Watch Out for Overused Buzzwords

If you’re using LinkedIn when searching jobs for college students, be careful about including certain buzzwords in your profile too often.  Learn what they are and more from an infographic in the following post.

When you see the same word a thousand times, over and over, it kind of starts losing meaning, right? Recruiters feel the same way. This handy infographic from the fine folks at LinkedIn includes the top 10 most overused words…

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Posted November 27, 2013 by

Sell Yourself Before Finding an Entry Level Job. 5 Tips to Deliver a Successful Elevator Pitch

An elevator pitch is a chance for you to sell yourself, a product, or service to someone.  Practicing this speech is a good idea as you search for an entry level job because you never know who you’ll meet, which could turn into a beneficial relationship.  The following post has five tips to help you deliver a successful elevator pitch.

Right now… stop what you’re doing and tell me: What do you do… Who you do it for… why you do it well… And what can you do for me to solve my problem? You have one shot. Go! Such is the challenge of the elevator pitch – a personal marketing spiel… and a staple of successful networking…

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