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Posted September 08, 2014 by

Want to Go Green with an Entry Level Job? Tips for Your Job Search

If you want an entry level job with an environmentally conscious company, the following post offers a couple of tips you should consider.

The term “environmentally friendly” is like catnip to consumers nowadays. Claim your business is an eco-paradise and you’ll gain entrepreneurial Brownie points from customers and the government alike. Indeed, it’s a strategy that’s helping out many big businesses. The Bank of America, for example, decreased paper usage by 32 per cent between 2000 and 2005, yet saw

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Posted July 09, 2014 by

Recent College Graduates, Involved in Negotiation When it Comes to Jobs? Avoid These 7 Mistakes

Before accepting new jobs, recent college graduates may have the opportunity to negotiate for something.  When negotiating, they (and other job seekers) should avoid these seven mistakes discussed in the following post.

While even the word “negotiation” can evoke fear, stress and anxiety for many, the intent is quite simple: to discuss and ultimately agree on a deal.  Whether it’s a multimillion dollar contract or just deciding where to meet for lunch, life is rife with negotiations.  And, the negotiation process is


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Posted June 05, 2014 by

The Benefits of Employees Using Social Media on their Entry Level Jobs

While some employers might prefer their employees not using social media on their entry level jobs, there are some benefits to them doing so.  Learn more in the following post.

Use of social networks at workplace – right or wrong or can be assigned to the gray area? Social networks are sometimes seen as platforms where employees lose time in their working hours, to the point that some companies have blocked access to these platforms for being considered a waste of time. In fact, there are studies that

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Posted May 06, 2014 by

Want a Longer Life? Sit Less on Your Entry Level Job

If you are interested in prolonging your life while on your entry level job, check out an infographic in the following post encouraging you to sit less, and some tips for improving your health.

If Americans limited their time of sitting by three hours the average lifespan would be extended two years. Use these simple excuses to stand every hour to extend your own life expectancy.  STAND MORE SIT LESS – We all know that it is good for our health, just have to figure out how to implement it daily. Loved this

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Posted March 17, 2014 by

How to Dress as a Working Woman on Your Entry Level Job

If you’re a woman on an entry level job who could use some tips on how to dress, the following post has some for you in an infographic, as well as those preparing for a job interview.

Being successful in your career takes a number of different factors. Women have to work hard, be smarter, and strive to prove that they are qualified for whatever jobs they are undertaking. One of the biggest mistakes that women make in the workforce is in the image they present. Women not only have to have

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Posted January 21, 2014 by

Want Your Dream Entry Level Job? 5 Ways a Blog Can Help You Get It

If you are searching for your dream entry level job, you may want to think about starting a blog about your passion.  Learn five ways a blog can help you find the position you want in the following post.

When blogging first became a thing, bloggers were dismissed as amateurs who used the platform primarily as an outlet for whining. That unfair characterization, of course, has radically changed by now, with countless professionals earning their entire income from blogging, and Fortune 500 companies carefully curating blogs of their own. But blogs today can do even more than

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Posted August 14, 2013 by

Interviewing for Recent Graduate Jobs? Make Sure You Earn the Interviewer’s Trust

Trust is something we must earn from people.  When meeting someone for the first time, for example, young professionals who are interviewing for recent graduate jobs, you want to earn trust by making a great impression.  Learn seven ways to achieve this goal in the following post.

Guest Post by Marvin Brown Trust is at the core of every type of human transaction, whether it’s in business, family matters, or with a romantic partner. If you want to get hired, you need to inspire trust. If you want to make a sale, the prospect has to trust you. To get anyone to listen to

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Posted July 19, 2013 by

5 Reasons Not to Sleep on Entrepreneurs as Candidates for Entry Level Jobs

If you’re looking for ideal candidates for entry level jobs at your company, why not consider entrepreneurs.  The following post shares five reasons you should.

Some of the desirable qualities seen in the 21st century job descriptions and requirements are: Self-driven, self starter, works with minimum supervision Innovative, a thinker and a maker A quick learner and a problem solver Excellent communications skills Looking at the above requirements, an entrepreneur would certainly nod his/her head

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5 Reasons why Entrepreneurs can be Valuable Employees

Posted July 05, 2013 by

Use Personal Branding on Your Entry Level Job to Influence Your Career

Once you have landed that entry level job, you have the opportunity to establish a personal brand that can influence your career.  Find out how to do so in the following post.

“All of us need to understand the importance of branding. We are CEOs of our own companies: Me Inc. To be in business today, our most important job is to be head marketer for the brand called You.”–Tom Petersin Fast Company There are many different ways to

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Strengthen Your Career With Better Personal Branding

Posted June 24, 2013 by

3 Career Benefits of Pursuing a Master’s Degree for Entry Level Job Seekers

No one should underestimate how a college education can enhance his or her career, especially if searching for an entry level job that offers advancement opportunities.  In the following post, learn three career benefits of pursuing a master’s degree.

Nowadays most employers are going to be looking for someone who not only has several years of experience, but someone who also has the necessary qualifications. For an employer, finding such an individual can be difficult. The job market is becoming more and more competitive and greater qualifications are becoming required for


3 Reasons a Masters Degree Can Elevate your Career [Infographic]