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Posted November 29, 2017 by

Recruitment analytics: How you can use data to adjust your hiring process


For so long, recruiters have trusted our guts to make hiring decisions (myself included). However, it is hard to ignore the value that big data, and recruitment analytics, bring to talent acquisition. I checked in with Kevin Grossman, President of The Talent Board, the nonprofit that oversees the Candidate Experience Awards each year. He gives his insight below into how recruiting professionals can and should respond to data in their hiring process.

Grossman will deliver the closing keynote address at the College Recruiting Bootcamp on December 15, 2017. His presentation will address how to scale hiring by including non-traditional students and grads in the hiring process. Following his presentation, Grossman will moderate a panel to continue the conversation. Attendees will include leaders in HR, talent acquisition and university relations. To join us and hear what strategies and tactics you might not have considered yet to attract and retain entry-level talent, register for the bootcamp here. (more…)

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Spectrum Health has award winning candidate experience

Award winnerCongratulations to the 50 winners of the Candidate Experience Awards! Among those winners is Spectrum Health. Here’s what they have to say on their LinkedIn page:

Why West Michigan?

Our partner Hello West Michigan describes the region best: Alluring sunsets, cities bursting with outdoor sculpture, intriguing architecture, dozens of schools and universities, festivals, award-winning orchestras, theater, ballet and entertainment districts teeming with nightlife.   West Michigan’s zest for living and learning results a winning combination of cultures, age groups and beliefs that make up the kind of culturally diverse opportunities you’ll find in only one place: here.

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Why the Candidate and Recruiter Experiences Are So Important

Employers of recent college graduates and students long ago invested in providing their recruiters with a positive experience. Many of those organizations continue to make those investments.

More and more corporate, non-profit, and government employers are paying more attention to providing their candidates with a positive experience and we should all be thankful for that.

In this conversation, College Recruiter national account manager Andrea-McEwen Henderson and president Steven Rothberg discuss what it means to provide positive recruiter and candidate experiences by answering the following questions:

1. How do candidates prefer to apply for a job?

2. Why don’t candidates complete the application process?

3. What exactly is the recruiter experience?



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Why CBS Interactive Cares About the Candidate Experience

CBS Interactive’s Lina Evans, senior director global talent acquisition, delivered this presentation on why employers should care about the candidate experience at the May 5, 2014 College Recruiting Bootcamp.

The College Recruiting Bootcamp was organized by College Recruiter and co-hosted by LinkedIn at its headquarters in Mountain View, California. Over 100 corporate university relations leaders attended and more than 3,000 registered for the livestream. The Bootcamp was designed to help these staffing leaders more efficiently and effectively hire college and university students and recent graduates.

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Identifying Source of Hire: @GerryCrispin at #truCollegeRecruiter

Minneapolis, MN – [October 29, 2013] –, the leading niche job board for college students searching for internships and recent graduates hunting for entry-level jobs and other career opportunities, is pleased to announce that Gerry Crispin of CareerXroads will deliver a presentation on the Candidate Experience Awards and will lead a discussion track on the Importance and Difficulty in Identifying Source of Hire at #truCollegeRecruiter New York City and that tickets are now available at for our fourth, fifth, and sixth recruiting events for hiring managers, recruiters, and other human resource leaders. (more…)

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How Listening to Candidates Led to Informatica Corporation Winning a Candidate Experience Award

Informatica logoIn a world where many people like to talk, listening is a key skill we should practice.  Companies searching for top talent can focus their recruitment efforts on this idea.  By choosing to listen to applicants, they can improve the candidate experience. (more…)

Posted July 30, 2013 by

How Treating Applicants the Same as Customers Led to Providge Consulting Winning a Candidate Experience Award

Providge Consulting logoWhen a business treats its customers with respect, it can leave a lasting impression.  The same can be said about job applicants during the recruitment process.  Making them feel like customers provides a memorable candidate experience. (more…)

Posted July 24, 2013 by

How Keeping Open and Transparent Communication Led to PepsiCo, Inc. Winning a Candidate Experience Award

PepsiCo, Inc. logoHow important is feedback to your company as it relates to the candidate experience?  While your audience may not always say what you want to hear, it can give you food for thought.  As a result, a better recruitment process can be delivered, along with an experience that applicants will appreciate. (more…)

Posted June 28, 2013 by

How Providing a Personal Touch to Candidates Led to Stryker Winning a Candidate Experience Award

stryker logoIn the past when applying for a job online, did you feel that the company cared about you, the job seeker?  Whether it is receiving timely feedback, or having a memorable experience in the interview process, you want to feel like a priority.  It also doesn’t hurt when a potential employer considers your family as part of the candidate experience. (more…)

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How a Hands on Approach to Interviewing Led to SapientNitro Winning a Candidate Experience Award

SapientNitro logoCompleting an online application process may seem like a victory by itself.  Now, though, you have been called in for a job interview.  While you are excited, you might be a little stressed when it comes to preparing for this all important meeting.  As a job seeker, wouldn’t it be a plus to have some support during the interview process? (more…)