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Posted September 03, 2014 by

Four Signs that a Student is Overcommitted to Extracurricular Activities

Ryan Hickey

Ryan Hickey, Managing Editor of Peterson’s & EssayEdge

Participating in extracurricular activities is an integral part of the education process. By joining clubs and organizations, students gain the “soft skills” that are increasingly important to excelling in today’s workforce: leadership, teamwork, and negotiation skills. However, the commitment can be significant and sometimes it is too much. How can you tell if you, a friend or your child has overcommitted themselves to extracurricular activities? Look for these signs to avoid total burnout. (more…)

Posted June 27, 2014 by

Caffeine side effects: Does caffeine affect test scores?


The average person consumes caffeine on a daily basis. We wake up, we brew our cup of Joe and use the caffeine to propel us throughout our day. But for students, what caffeine side effects matter? Surprisingly, studies have shown that coffee consumption in college students may have an effect on test scores.

The Nutrition Journal in 2007 published a study in which 51% of 496 college students who regularly consumed coffee to help them with test preparation. Some Psychopharmacologists have concluded that this inevitably gave the students an advantage. Additionally three studies published by John Wiley and Sons in Human Psychopharmacology “put caffeine as an advantage”. (more…)

Posted July 23, 2013 by

How to Calm Those Public Speaking Jitters

Businesswoman speaking at a conference

Businesswoman speaking at a conference. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Your mouth feels like a desert, although small streams of sweat have started congregating on your forehead and running toward your eyes. Your hands have fared no better, and you frantically look for a tissue to wipe the clamminess off of your palms — which is next to impossible with your trembling fingers. You wonder if anyone can hear your knees knocking as you walk up to the podium and nervously begin speaking. You stumble over your words, and feel like a fool by the time you’ve finished your presentation. (more…)