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Posted August 28, 2014 by

College Students, 10 Tips for Networking at Different Times When Searching for Jobs

When networking in their searches for jobs, college students should apply these 10 tips in the following post.

In an article for the Huffington Post, I shared with readers my love for informal, even random, networking – and how I seem to be a magnet for bizarre networking encounters. (One such encounter happened in the locker room wrapped only in a towel!) As much as I seem to attract these random networking opportunities, when it comes to

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Posted March 21, 2014 by

Networked with Someone About Recent College Graduate Jobs? Follow Up with an Appropriate Email

If you have networked with someone about recent college graduate jobs, following up with them can be important to your job search.  In the following post, learn how to follow up with an appropriate email.

I made the mistake of not following up several times when I first started networking. I used to say to myself “I know they’ll contact me. I gave them my business card and told them a rock star career story that would enhance my personal brand.” As a result, no one ever contacted me. It wasn’t

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Posted March 12, 2014 by

How to Love Networking for Your Entry Level Job Search

Initially, networking might sound scary to some of us, but the following post offers advice that could help you fall in love with this particular skill for your entry level job search.

Networking and blind dates are quite similar. This is especially true regarding the fear of rejection. Blind dates can be uncomfortable, they often feel forced, and everyone is trying to sell something (themselves). Networking events… are the same. I am going to help you overcome all of those crappy feelings and

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Posted November 21, 2013 by

Trying to Network for Recent College Graduate Jobs? 16 Networking Tips to Follow

If candidates for recent college graduate jobs want to improve their networking skills, they should try using the 16 tips in the following post.

Common wisdom dictates that there are six degrees of separation between you and anyone on the planet. According to my father, however: “There aren’t six degrees of separation, there are two; you just have to think hard enough.” Like my father, I’m a connector, and would agree that regardless of how many people

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