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Posted September 27, 2017 by

Entry level business jobs: Your business major isn’t a shoo-in.


Business is the most popular major on college campuses today. Many students believe a business degree gives them the best shot at employment and a successful career, but according to the Washington Post, many employers disagree. Below we provide a list of entry level business jobs, but first, business majors should read what you are probably lacking and how to make yourself more employable. (more…)

Posted August 24, 2006 by

For Entry-Level MBA Jobs, Dream Green

Definitely, the easiest way to find entry-level MBA jobs is to search for jobs in the business arena. I got limited hits with the entry-level MBA jobs search term and decided to go a bit broader just to start out and was more successful.
As for business jobs, I found a lot of websites I’ve never heard of (probably because I’ve never searched for jobs in business) that have promising opportunities available for entry-level MBA job seekers. There’s one site called (in partnership with AOL) that is an “open directory project.” Basically, it is comprised of editors—ordinary people just like you and me—who sign up, write about whatever they know about and are regarded as an expert in that field. Sounds pretty cool. The goal is to create a “definitive catalog of the web,” quite ambitious, but there you go. So go to the website and you will find a list of search sites that will helpfully lead you to that next entry-level MBA job. When I went to the site there were about 44 options listed, so you will have a nice group to search from.
How about a site that lists “the best job resources” for all you MBA people out there? I think that sounds promising so look into Quintessential Careers and find a long list of sites that will help out the entry-level to executive-level business seeker. It’s just too good to be true—but it is! I also found something for the conservation nut that is also interested in business!! You can have your cake and eat it too, and to get started you must visit Green Dream Jobs through the site.
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