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Posted March 30, 2015 by

Leaving the Nest: 3 Tips for a Smooth Transition

Woman labeling moving box at home

Woman labeling moving box at home. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

As graduation day and taking on your first real job get closer, the realities of true adulthood and independence begin to show themselves. This may feel like a scary time, but like most young adults, you’ll simply learn how to handle situations as they come. But to get you started, these three tips will help manage some of the more pressing issues. (more…)

Posted March 02, 2015 by

Find a Great Career as a Debt Counsellor in Debt Relief Companies

Mid-adult couple meeting with financial planner

Mid-adult couple meeting with financial planner. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Debt relief companies help people in financial distress, to get rid of the burdensome debts. They are credit advocates helping people in improving their financial status. They basically conduct financial consultations in an attempt to educate the consumer and suggest appropriate remedies. Their core services are aimed at offering an alternative to credit counseling, bankruptcy and debt consolidation. Their chief role is to represent the consumer and become his advocate, while restoring financial stability at the earliest possible. Debt relief companies are looking for smart, compassionate and energetic individuals as debt counsellors for helping all those Americans who are in financial crisis, with individual customer service, education, and of course, debt relief. (more…)

Posted April 09, 2014 by

A Glimpse Of The Career Prospect Of Marketing Jobs In The Car Industry

Car sales manager with potential customer in the showroom

Car sales manager with potential customer in the showroom. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Marketing is crucial to any business. It involves communicating with customers, partners and other stakeholders and delivering the best services possible. In the automobile industry, the marketing managers help to formulate strategies that help the car companies to fulfill their sales objectives. The basis of any marketing job is to research and assess the need of the customers and develop a product accordingly. Another important aspect of their job is the development of communication strategy, on which various services and products are delivered to the potential customers. Professionals also need to undertake a number of planning activities that help to determine the price of different products in accordance to the market. They also need to formulate strategies to respond the international market trends. (more…)

Posted July 18, 2012 by

Career Lessons That Professionals from Other Fields Can Teach You

Erin Palmer

Erin Palmer

One of the hardest things that college students face is trying to figure out what they want to do for a career. One of the hardest things that recent graduates face is finding the right job to jumpstart their careers. A side effect of this pressure can be a narrow field of vision. Once you’ve chosen a major and began working towards a particular career path, it is easy to become single-minded.

Just because you are working towards a particular career or area of study doesn’t mean that you should remain within that silo for career guidance. Marketing majors can still learn from the finance industry. Healthcare professionals can benefit from the wisdom of people who work in hospitality. No matter what your career path consists of, there are lessons you can learn from other industries. (more…)

Posted January 29, 2008 by

Plan Ahead for Summer Internships: Availability

The first couple of months of the year are the best time to begin preparing for summer internships. This week, I’ll be sharing tips that have helped me get a jump on the competition and find the ideal position.
Determine Your Availability Now

You will need to pick and choose your battles. How important is your summer vacation? Will you be traveling? The sooner you can arrange your travel, the sooner you can give employers the “heads up” they will need to make decisions about your schedule. Confirming specific dates will show that you are organized and plan ahead.

Will you be available if the internship requires you to relocate? You will need to specifically state in your cover letter that you will be relocating for the internship. Don’t expect the employer to pay your relocation costs. Instead, narrow your internship choices to locations where you feel you could afford to move. Make sure to budget enough money for rent and deposit, utilities, and groceries for at least the first month. If this will be a paid internship, these ongoing monthly costs will factor into your decision about accepting the internship. The fact that you are paying your own relocation costs and have an idea of your monthly expenses will illustrate to potential employers that you smart and insightful. It will also give you the bargaining power to ask for appopriate compensation to finance your summer experience.