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Posted August 20, 2014 by

College Graduates, Are You Smartphone Users Searching for Jobs or Managing Tasks at Work? 5 Apps You May Like

For college graduates searching for jobs or trying to manage a workload at the office, there are five smartphone apps that might benefit them in the following post.

Glued to your smartphone? Whether you’re walking down the street, on the train or sitting in the carpool on the way home, you (and everyone around you) are probably heads down, checking the latest activity on your social networks, catching up on news or texting loved ones. The average American has approximately 32 apps on their

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Posted June 23, 2014 by

Want to Improve Your Experience When Networking for Jobs as a College Student? 6 Apps that Might Help

Are you interested in networking for jobs as a college student, but want to improve how you communicate?  If so, there are six apps you that may serve you well in the following post.

You know about LinkedIn, Facebook and Twitter. But chances are you don’t know about these six apps are guaranteed to help improve your communications…

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Posted November 08, 2013 by

What Does It Take to Find Entry Level Jobs in Finance?

For those of you trying to find entry level jobs in finance, there is one step you may want to consider first that can eventually lead you to the job you want.  Learn more in the following post.

If you’ve been looking for entry level finance jobs, you already know that it’s a tough market out there. What you may not know is that many finance rock.

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Posted July 02, 2013 by

Employers Looking to Fill Jobs for College Students Should Make a Campus Visit

Employers who want to improve their recruiting efforts among the college crowd perhaps should consider going the extra mile, literally.  The following post shares how employers can approach this group on campus in order to meet their goal of filling jobs for college students.

by Bob Blanchette, Director of Employer Relations – D’Amore-McKim School of Business at Northeastern University. In 2012-2013, 7,600 students across Northeastern University participated in their well-known co-op program. The university has approximately 3,000 companies in 81 countries partnering in the program. What recommendations do you have for companies that want to

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Employers — come to campus!

Posted May 31, 2013 by

4 Issues for Employers Looking to Fill Jobs for Recent College Graduates and Other Positions

When it comes to talent in the job market, employers have questions on how they should approach different areas.  In the following post, learn four issues that employers should consider when trying to fill jobs for recent college graduates and other positions, as well as improving their brands.

by Claes Peyron Where is the talent market heading? What are the developments that we can expect in the coming years? What should we focus on to prepare for the changes to come? These are some of the questions that employers are asking themselves and perhaps more often today, given the rapid changes going on in the global

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Introducing The Talent Agenda

Posted May 03, 2013 by

Hiring for Recent Graduate Jobs? Build Relationships to Recruit and Retain Talent

Employers and recruiters should not underestimate the chance to build relationships with potential hires like candidates for recent graduate jobs.  The following post has advice on how to recruit and retain the best talent.

by Anne-Sophie Pasquet Nowadays, the challenge many employers face is not only recruiting people, but it’s recruiting the right employees and the best talent. In order to do that, most companies have different strategies, strong employer brands, and values they publicize, but how can these companies make a difference and make

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Engaging talent to keep the best