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Posted July 16, 2014 by

Are You Giving Recruiters a Reason to Network with You?

If you’re asking recruiters to network with you for no reason, don’t expect them to necessarily do so.  Learn more in the following post.

I am a recruiter. I work for a highly recognizable organization. I am well connected. I know people who know people. That is why you reached out to me, right? Well… maybe not…

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Posted April 28, 2014 by

Do You Know These 5 Things When Searching for Recent Graduate Jobs on LinkedIn?

LinkedIn users searching for recent graduate jobs should be aware of five things about the site found in the following post.

You’ve created your LinkedIn profile, crafted a compelling headline and updated all of your past experience and education… so you’re all set to go. Recruiters will just start magically calling, right? Wrong. If you wait around for recruiters to find you – and don’t actually DO something with your LinkedIn account – then you’re missing out. And

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Posted January 27, 2014 by

Are You Studying Abroad? How to Become an Internship Finder

For students who are studying internationally and thinking about getting an internship, the following post has advice to help them decide if they should and tips to become an internship finder.

Featured: Not Featured Several of you are going to amazing places like Florence or Madrid or London – or even Tokyo to study abroad this spring! I’m so happy for all of you and excited for the adventures soon to follow. My biggest regret about my undergrad experience is that I didn’t go abroad


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Posted May 21, 2013 by

Hiring for Entry Level Jobs at a Startup? Ask Yourself 3 Questions

If you will be opening up a startup and need to hire workers for entry level jobs, you might want to answer three questions in the following post.

One of the hardest but most exciting things about being a young entrepreneur, first-time business owner or even a startup manager is the hiring process.But there are a few things you have to think about before green-lighting a new startup employee, especially in the earliest stages of starting up. Here are three questions

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3 Key Questions to Ask Before Hiring for Your Startup