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Posted January 02, 2014 by

Don’t Put Your Recent Graduate Jobs at Risk. 10 Annoying Habits to Your Boss

Workers with recent graduate jobs should be careful about how they behave.  Otherwise, they could put their jobs at risk.  Learn 10 annoying habits to your boss in the following post.

Whether you just landed a new gig or have worked at the same company for a while, you’d like to keep your job, right? Being a hardworking and competent employee is the first step to holding onto your job, but staying on your boss’s good side won’t hurt

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Posted October 09, 2013 by

How Much Work Are You Putting into Your Entry Level Job Search?

If you’re a recent college graduate, understand that finding an entry level job is a commitment.  Remember, what you put in is what you will get out of this process.  The following post asks where you are in your job search.

During the early part of our lives, most of our needs are taken care of by parents, teachers, coaches and others who look after us. For many of us, this pattern becomes a habit for us as we get older. We come to accept that help is always available – a “helicopter parent” is just above us.

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