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Posted March 28, 2015 by

College Recruiting Bootcamp: How to Hire Diverse STEM Students and Grads

Verizon headquarters in Basking Ridge, NJIs your organization struggling with its efforts to recruit and retain diverse, college and university recent graduates and students for your science, technology, engineering, and math roles? Almost every organization struggles to recruit and retain these highly sought after STEM candidates yet many of these same organizations are seeing real success in a number of areas.

Join your fellow university relations, talent acquisition, and other human resource leaders from corporate, non-profit, and government organizations the afternoon of Monday, May 18th at the headquarters of Verizon for a highly interactive, collegial, and informative moderator-led discussion on the best practices for recruiting and retaining diverse STEM candidates from colleges and universities. (more…)

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Recruiters, Want to Help Find New Talent and Ideas for Employers? What You Can Do

For recruiters who want to help employers find new talent and ideas, perhaps they can find the answer in the following post.

On this week’s Women of Washington radio show, Anne Altman, head of IBM Federal, joins hosts Gigi Schumm and Aileen Black to discuss how successful companies bring new talent into their organizations.

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Recent College Graduates, Want to Gain Respect When Networking about Jobs and Your Careers? 12 Tips to Earn It

At times, recent college graduates searching for jobs may feel like they don’t get enough respect when networking.  However, they can earn more respect by applying these 12 tips in the following post when talking with people.

Building a personal brand that resonates with employers and customers is hard. While in or just out of school, it can often seem impossible. So our friends at YEC asked some of their members this question: “What’s advice would you give a young careerist or entrepreneur who wants to build a network but is having trouble being taken

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Recent Graduates, Are Your Resumes Worthy of Jobs? 4 Ways for Them to Grab the Reader’s Attention

In order for recent graduates’ resumes to be seriously considered for jobs, they must fit the job descriptions.  In the following post, learn four ways to grab the reader’s attention with your resume.

Despite all the advances in technology, candidates continue to complain that it seems impossible to get their resume past the “black hole” and into a recruiter’s hands. And yet when I see the resume sent, and compare it to the job description provided by the employer for that position, it is clear why the resume never got even


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Constantly Changing Jobs as a Recent Graduate? Job Hopping May Not Eliminate You as a Candidate

Someone constantly changing jobs as a recent graduate may not think a potential employer will hire him or her.  However, being a job hopper may not eliminate you as a candidate.  Learn more in the following post.

If you’re a job hopper, you may have been a bit worried about marketing yourself to prospective employers. Will they judge the fact that you’ve changed gigs every few years or maybe even every few months? Will you have to explain yet again why you have such a diverse resume of experiences

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Shy About Tooting Your Own Horn on Recent Graduate Jobs? 5 Tips to Feel More Comfortable with Self-Promotion

For young professionals on recent graduate jobs who are shy about talking about their accomplishments, the following post has five tips to help them feel more comfortable with self-promotion at work.

“So,” says the black-suited interviewer, “tell me about your accomplishments.” If we fast forward five minutes, would you still be considering your reply? If you’re an introvert, your mindgrapes might have hijacked your vocal cords and started a misguided inner monologue: “Does she want to know about the time that I completed eight proposals

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Posted May 13, 2014 by

Young Professionals, What’s One Moment to Make a Change in Your Career? Starting Recent Graduate Jobs

There are certain times in your career that may call for a change.  For young professionals, one of those moments is when they begin new positions, such as recent graduate jobs.  Learn more in the following post.

Is it safe to say that the colorful wigs and wild costumes are a thing of the past for Nicki Minaj? Maybe. The head Barb in charge was the talk of the Web when she stepped on the scene to promote her new movie The Other Woman in a toned-down look that

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Posted April 30, 2014 by

Want to Get Ahead on Jobs for Recent College Graduates? 3 Old School Strategies that Can Work Today

Young professionals on jobs for recent college graduates who seek career advancement should try three old school strategies that can work today found in the following post.

On Thursdays, many on social media share photos from the past using hashtag #TBT (for Throwback Thursday) to reminisce on events and experiences. It’s a fun way to connect, remember how far we’ve all come, laugh at mistakes (i.e. bad haircuts or cliche slang) and can even serve as a marketing tool for

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Posted March 21, 2014 by

Achieving Success or Struggling on Jobs for Recent College Graduates, and Need Support? Tips to Help You Get It

Throughout your career, you will need support.  If you’re a young professional succeeding or struggling on one of those jobs for recent college graduates, it’s nice to have someone encourage you.  If this support is lacking, the following post has some tips that will help you find it.

So, you’re totally excited about a recent work-related accomplishment you’d like to leverage for your next big career move. You run to tell your parents, hoping for insights on how to take that step, only to be met by a lackluster,”Oh, that’s nice. Keep up the great work.” Or let’s

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Want to Build Your Brand While Searching Jobs for College Students? 5 Benefits You Will Find

As you’re searching jobs for college students, you can also build your professional brand on campus.  Learn five benefits of establishing your brand while in college found in the following post.

College students are no longer waiting until after they walk across the stage to venture out into the professional world. They’re building brands, starting businesses and cultivating their careers in between classes, giving a whole new meaning to the phrase “young professional.” Two-thirds of U.S. colleges and universities — more than 2,000 schools &#

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