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Posted July 16, 2013 by

Have a Way with Words? Check Out 10 Jobs for Communication Majors

College students, do you have good communication skills?  If so, the following post has 10 potential jobs for communication majors.

You’ve got a way with words. Talk talent. The gift of gab. Whatever clich you want to use (or not use—the best communicators generally don’t!), you know how to get your point across. And it’s not about wielding a megaphone—you understand the subtle science of persuasion, how

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10 Great Gigs for Savvy Communicators

Posted May 07, 2013 by

10 Happiest Cities Where You May Find Recent College Graduate Jobs

If you are in the hunt for recent college graduate jobs, check out the 10 cities where you can find them and be most happy, according to the following post.

New research by Career Bliss identifies the happiest places to live and work for entry-level workers.

Many recent college grads assume they should launch their careers where their family and friends are. But given the high unemployment rate, which cities offer the best opportunities? Where would young workers be happiest? CareerBliss, an employment site, studied this question by analyzing survey data from more than 4,000 entry-level workers throughout the country and came up with the 10 best cities.

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10 Happiest Cities For Entry-Level Workers – Careers … – AOL Jobs