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Posted March 11, 2015 by

Four types of colleges around the world where you should aspire to study

Young, pretty female college student sitting in a classroom full of students during class

Young, female college student sitting in a classroom full of students during class. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Studying in one of the top rated colleges is a no brainer for most students. Given their financial and academic achievements, allow them to study in international top colleges, college students, ensure they do get the experience of being in the most highly rated colleges. When we talk about college itself, we must understand it is an institution where students learn more niche aspect of their courses and which helps them decide the field they belong to. For example, a business student will study core business courses in the college in order to further strengthen his business background so when he goes to a university, he can decide which business field to select and belong to.

So this means it does not necessarily mean which one particular college could give everything to students. This is the reason there are different colleges meant to study different courses and career paths. It is highly recommended that students chose colleges of specialization, which means they should select a college that completely specializes in the kind of program they are looking for. Having said that, today our blog will focus on four different types of colleges around the world, where students should aspire to study based on their future objectives. (more…)

Posted February 27, 2015 by

Career Paths for Law Students: Where You Can Go

University law school graduate on graduation day

University law school graduate on graduation day. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

No doubt, you labored admirably to acquire your law degree. Having graduated from law school, you may have decided that practicing law is the one and only career option. The good news is that your law degree can be put to good use securing some incredibly, diverse careers that are outside of the law. Given today’s economy and the competition within the legal industry, there’s an entire economy of alternative career opportunities that span a vast array of industries. The skills you’ve developed are marketable. (more…)

Posted October 06, 2014 by

Job Offer Rate Improves for Class of 2014 Thanks to Liberal Arts Majors

National Association of Colleges and Employers logoThere is good news for graduates in the class of 2014.  From last year to this year, the job offer rate has seen an improvement of about two percent.  Learn more in the following post.

The full-time job offer rate for graduating seniors who applied for a job has improved for the class of 2014, according to results of a new survey by the National Association of Colleges and Employers (NACE). (more…)

Posted September 16, 2014 by

Career Courses You Can Join After 12th Exam

Young woman working as a fashion designer and tailor

Young woman working as a fashion designer and tailor. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

After passing the 12th exam, you have to decide your career goals and join a career course to secure your future. Arts students think that they have less career options than science students, but it is a completely wrong concept. Arts students have equal or should I say even more career options than science students. If you have just passed the 12th exam and thinking which career course can be ideal for you, here are some great career options after 12th for you. (more…)

Posted May 08, 2013 by

Interviewing for Recent Graduate Jobs? Remember 9 Lessons from a College Grad

For each interview you have, there is an opportunity to learn something.  If you are looking for recent graduate jobs, learn some lessons in the following post that may help you when preparing for this important meeting.

The better your interview skills, and the better you understand how to navigate job application process, the better your chances at landing a job. So whether you receive an offer or not, treat every interview as a learning experience. Although they can be stressful, try to keep your eyes and ears open so you can build on your interviews to

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9 Lessons Learned the Hard Way From 9 Job Interviews