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10 Rules For Social Media from the Army Reserve’s Chief of Social Media

LTC Andrew Morton, Army ReserveBy LTC Andrew Morton, Chief of Social Media / Web, U.S. Army Reserve

  1. Develop a “Plan on a Page”– Before you sign up for Facebook , twitter, LinkedIn or any platform you must evaluate who your audience is (internal and external), what your organization’s key communications goals are, and what’s your desired “end state”. Having a Facebook page is not a social media strategy it’s a reactionary effort to “keep up with the Jones.” Communications plans are a key part of any corporation’s strategy and social media is not immune to this step.
  2. Integrate with all other mediums– Don’t “Work in a vacuum”- Continually ask how you can integrate with the other mediums (your media team, outreach/ events team, executive communications, etc). If your senior executive is doing a media interview he should be plugging your social media sites, and if the chief of corporate policy is sending out an internal communications directive she should be “asking for feedback” via your internal social media channels. Never miss an opportunity to plug and promote your sites through all your organization’s media executions and outlets! (more…)
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Learn From the Best: University Recruiting Within the Federal Government

Matt Collier of the Office of Personnel Management

Matt Collier of the Office of Personnel Management

Local, regional, and national recruiting conferences are great sources of learning for the vast majority of staffing leaders. To date, none have done a thorough job of focusing on the needs of federal government staffing leaders who are involved in recruiting college students for internships and recent graduates for entry-level jobs and other career opportunities.

That’s about to change. On Friday, April 1, 2011, The George Washington University Career Center, college job board, and HR solutions provider RECSOLU are teaming up to host a half day, non-profit, no selling, purely educational event. All of the attendees and presenters will be federal government recruiters, human resource managers, hiring managers, and other staffing leaders. (more…)