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Posted May 08, 2014 by

Internship Finder, 5 Ideas that Are Not Always True About a Summer Internship

For an internship finder expecting to find the perfect summer internship, the following post has five ideas that aren’t always true when it comes to landing one of these positions.

If you’re like many college students, you may be deciding how you’ll spend your summer. Maybe you’ll go home and work a summer job. You might even have the opportunity to study abroad. Or, you could be hoping to land that perfect summer internship. If you fall into that last


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Posted November 13, 2013 by

Thinking About Quitting Those Recent Graduate Jobs? 9 Reasons Not to Give Up

While young professionals may find their recent graduate jobs stressful at times, that does not mean they should quit them.  So before they think about leaving their employers, the following post offers nine reasons not to give up on their jobs.

I recently wrote an article 9 Reasons to Quit and was touched by those who reached out to me saying how the article resonated with them. I didn’t, however, want young careerists to get the wrong impression and start quitting everything they started. After all, my favorite life motto’s is by Helen Keller who said, “The woman who began the race

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Posted October 30, 2013 by

How to Spend the Summer of Your Freshman Year: A Check List

The words School's Out written on a green chalkboard

The words School’s Out written on a green chalkboard. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Summary: Your first year of college is officially over, and a sunny summer is on the horizon. Here’s what to do to set yourself up for an even brighter future.

As the snow begins to melt and spring comes into view, you’ll be ready to cross off a major (if often uncelebrated) event in your adult life: The successful completion of your first year of college.

All the anxiety of the application process is long behind you at this point, you’ve overcome your first semester jitters, you’ve gotten used to your roommate’s quirks, and your college career is officially underway. But this is no time to kick back and idle away the summer months. (more…)

Posted October 21, 2013 by

Competing for Entry Level Jobs? 20 Ways to Become the Number One Option for Potential Employers

When competing for entry level jobs, it’s important to show potential employers that you are the best candidate for the job.  In the following post, learn 20 ways to make yourself the number one option amongst the competition.

Looking for advice on how to stand out from your job search competition? As an executive search consultant and civic-connector, I’ve conducted hundreds of interviews and networking meetings. Here are some of my observations from years on the job, insights you can use to beat out your competition. Editor’s note: We see a theme

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Posted May 03, 2013 by

Hiring for Recent Graduate Jobs? Build Relationships to Recruit and Retain Talent

Employers and recruiters should not underestimate the chance to build relationships with potential hires like candidates for recent graduate jobs.  The following post has advice on how to recruit and retain the best talent.

by Anne-Sophie Pasquet Nowadays, the challenge many employers face is not only recruiting people, but it’s recruiting the right employees and the best talent. In order to do that, most companies have different strategies, strong employer brands, and values they publicize, but how can these companies make a difference and make

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Engaging talent to keep the best