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Posted September 11, 2014 by

Grads, Interviewing for Your Dream Entry Level Jobs? 11 Tips to Prepare You

College graduates hoping to land the entry level jobs of their dreams should make sure they are prepared for their interviews.  The following post has 11 interview tips that can help.

Few aspects of adult life are more distressing than the job interview. Something about having to offer up your entire life experience to a stranger for validation makes us feel uneasy. Luckily, you can take certain steps to ensure you present your best self, no matter what position you’re applying for. (Click

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Posted May 27, 2014 by

Tips If You are Searching for an Entry Level Job with a Liberal Arts Degree

If you need some help searching for an entry level job with a liberal arts degree, check out the following post for some tips that can make a difference.

Like me, you might have realized once you got to college, choosing a major was scary. Like me, you might have felt panicked, because it can seem like a major determines not only what you’ll be studying, but also what your career track will be, and what direction your adult life will take (and that’s hardly a

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Posted March 25, 2013 by

Don’t Quit Your Job Just Because You Want To

While you may want to just walk away from your current job, that may not be the best idea at the moment.  The following post has some things you should think about before quitting your job.

Are you fed up with your job? Dreaming of quitting? I’ve been there. I quit my first full-time job two short months after my start date. I’m pretty sure my parents felt this the way one would feel an impending apocalypse. I quit because I didn’t like the job. I was bored. There weren’t any windows. I

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Don’t Quit Your Job Just Because You Want To

Posted December 26, 2012 by

It’s Never Too Late to Learn

CollegeRecruiter.comThe following post teaches all of us that even though people make mistakes, they can still be productive citizens and work to provide a better life for themselves.

Two young men, from different backgrounds, each tell a tragically similar story of their mistakes, which resulted in felony convictions and incarcerations. Their names aren’t important, but their stories are.

Both men are using education to take charge of their futures and be productive citizens.

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It’s Never Too Late to Learn