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Posted June 06, 2013 by

Want to Earn a Degree But Fear Computers? How Online Schools Can Help

Teacher and student doing work on a computer

Teacher and student doing work on a computer. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

Just because you may not be the most tech savvy person does not mean you can’t earn a college degree.  With the right assistance, you can achieve this goal.

Computers are the technical, magical portals to knowledge. That’s why the best online schools are prepared to show adult students how to get up and running quickly and easily.

“Computer skills are commensurate with confidence, yet many professionals are struck with computerphobia – the fear and anxiety about computers and their use – once they are asked to complete tasks other than checking e-mail or surfing the Web,” says Jen Chavez, new student success advisor at American Sentinel University. (more…)