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Posted March 05, 2014 by

What Does It Take to Get Hired for Jobs for Recent College Graduates? 15 Top Traits for Candidates

Employers may be willing to hire you for jobs for recent college graduates if you have these top 15 traits, according to the following post.

Are you the perfect job candidate? There are certain traits employers look for in the ideal job seeker. During your job search, remember no job applicant is perfect, though each and every one should strive for consistent improvement. With that being said, recruiters, hiring managers and human resource professionals will prioritize hiring job seekers who can be described

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You’ve heard of video resumes, but how about video job postings?

One of the most interesting organizations that I’ve run across recently is Deluxe Corporation. They’re headquartered in suburban Minneapolis and were founded way, way back in 1915. Most people likely aren’t familiar with Deluxe’s business and many of those who who think they are, well, aren’t.

If you’ve ever written a paper check, then you probably know Deluxe. They’re the king of paper check printing but we all know that’s a dying business as more and more of that business moves to on-line bill payments and other forms of electronic commerce. Deluxe saw this coming and about a decade ago began to transform its business. Just about everyone would agree they needed to adapt or perish, so the question wasn’t really if they should adapt but how they should adapt. Deluxe made a brilliant decision by recognizing that one of its greatest strengths was that it had a HUGE number of small business clients who knew and trusted Deluxe. So rather than looking to adapt based upon its existing products or even the skills of its current employees, Deluxe decided to adapt to fill a need that many of its clients had: information technology.

If you’re a small business and need a web site developed or a web site hosted or other information technology needs, you should know that you can and should consider Deluxe to fill those needs. But think about the incredible transformation in the types of employees they now need to hire. Rather than hiring a whole lot of pre-press and printing folks, they now need to hire a whole lot of information technology folks. So Deluxe needed — and has — gotten smart about hiring information technology people really, really quickly. Want proof? Have a look at this Talent Sourcer job posting video that they recently posted to their Facebook Fan Page. Keep going like this, guys, and you’re going to thrive for another 95 years.