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Posted October 16, 2014 by

How to Stay Active and Energetic every day at Work?

Business woman stretching in office

Business woman stretching in office. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

It’s challenging for a lot of people to work in an energetic manner every day. You must have experienced this problem if you work behind a desk and use your computer to get most of the work done. You can feel vigorous by adding some physical activities to your daily routine. If you don’t do that, then you will feel stressed and eventually face health-related issues.

Here are some tips for you that will keep you from getting lazy and allow you to stay super-active throughout the day: (more…)

Posted August 14, 2014 by

9 Ways To Add Happiness To Your Mood At Work

Portrait of a smiling worker in a factory

Portrait of a smiling worker in a factory. Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.

When the job is new, it usually seems refreshing and interesting. However, as your job gets old, it may start making you bored and tired all the time. No matter how happy-go-lucky you are, sometimes it becomes tough to stay positive and happy at work.

Work load, project deadlines, office politics and over-times are some of the few factors that may make you feel tired of your day to day job and thus add boredom to it. The only ways you can take that boredom out of your job and make it more interesting and engaging again are: (more…)

Posted July 18, 2014 by

How to be proactive: Build these 5 strengths


Proactive people think deeply and never stop taking initiatives. Being proactive at work not only boosts your confidence, but also your professional career. Proactive employees often have effective planning skills, communication skills and a good sense of humor. When you are a proactive employee, you can easily resolve problems individually, without acquiring assistance from anybody. But if you don’t know how to be proactive, here we offer five areas to strengthen at work.   (more…)

Posted June 27, 2014 by

College Students, Is LinkedIn Not Working in Your Search for Jobs? 2 Mistakes You’re Making

For college students searching for jobs on LinkedIn without much success, the following post identifies two mistakes that are holding them back.

In the LinkedIn Group I run, I asked members to share any LinkedIn success stories they had, and many job seekers made comments that were fairly negative. I was surprised and not surprised at the same time, particularly when I looked at the Profiles of the members who were very negative

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Posted May 06, 2014 by

Want a Longer Life? Sit Less on Your Entry Level Job

If you are interested in prolonging your life while on your entry level job, check out an infographic in the following post encouraging you to sit less, and some tips for improving your health.

If Americans limited their time of sitting by three hours the average lifespan would be extended two years. Use these simple excuses to stand every hour to extend your own life expectancy.  STAND MORE SIT LESS – We all know that it is good for our health, just have to figure out how to implement it daily. Loved this

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Posted April 08, 2014 by

Are You Networking about Jobs for College Students? 7 Ways to See If There is Value in Your Network

If you are networking as part of your search for jobs for college students, the following post shares seven ways to see if your network is providing value to you.

The phrase ‘good old boys’ has signified a club where big decisions are made behind closed doors or on the golf course. The boys club has historically had the dark side of being exclusive and only male; no girls allowed. Yet, they did one thing right. Men not only valued action on behalf of each other, it was

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Posted February 24, 2014 by

Young Professionals, 9 Reasons to Hustle While Working on Your Recent Graduate Jobs

Even once they’ve landed recent graduate jobs, young professionals can find something else to do to benefit them personally as well as professionally.  In the following post, learn nine reasons to find a side hustle.

Andres Zapata, the owner of a consulting firm, is handing Millennials a golden opportunity. He closes his office every day at 5:30 pm without exception. Our generation demands a greater work/life balance, and companies like Zapata’s give us what we want: more free time. What’s the best way to fill (some of) the extra hours? With

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Posted February 17, 2014 by

How to Use Twitter to Advance Your Entry Level Job Search

If you are searching for an entry level job through Twitter, the following post has tips that could put you one step closer to finding employment.

What is social proof? And how does Twitter help generate that proof? In today’s social media-dominated world, “social proof” is the record you have created online that demonstrates the kind of person you are. A Twitter account, like most things online, can be the proverbial double-edged sword…

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Posted October 24, 2013 by

Fresh Out of College? Top 10 Resume Writing Hacks to Help You Land an Interview

Leslie Anglesey

Leslie Anglesey

So you’ve just got out of college and you have a nice new shiny diploma with a neat little emblem on it. Now, it’s time to get a job and one of the first things you need to tackle is your resume. This article is going to give you both hacks and perspective to get your foot in the door.

Now, because there are a million and one different majors and specializations out there, this article is engineered to speak in general terms that are applicable to most everyone.

  • Hack #1: Realize the Modern Workforce Is Changing

Roughly 60% of companies polled say they plan to do more hiring online. The global workforce is going digital. The speed of technological innovation would blow your mind. Social media is now a part of the interview process. The freelance lifestyle is becoming the norm for many of the folks working for the major tech companies. Don’t think that some rustic old school resume is going to go too far. The times have changed. (more…)

Posted October 23, 2013 by

How Future Entry Level Job Seekers Can Look to LinkedIn for Career Success

While they may not be looking for employment now, future entry level job seekers may want to use LinkedIn as a start to a successful career.  In the following post, find out how the site can help them early on to build a professional image.

It’s never too early for future leaders – even if they’re still in high school – to start thinking about their career paths. LinkedIn has now made this much easier by lowering its minimum user age to 14. Before you jump in, however here are some steps to take in order to make the most of your LinkedIn presence

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