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Posted June 08, 2007 by

Finding Work for Someone is the Highest Level of Charity



Yesterday at the dinner table my wife and I had one of those “we must be doing something right” moments. We were talking about work and how we’re about to hire a new Client Services Representative when our 12 year old (we also have 10 and 8 year olds) said that hiring someone is the highest level of tzedakah. For those who do not know Hebrew, and I fall into the group that knows just a little, tzedakah is often translated as being equivalent to charity or tithe but that is not an accurate translation because charity implies that your heart motivated to act. Tzedakah, however, literally means righteousness. In other words, tzedakah means doing the right thing.

I was pretty sure that my 12 year old was right but I looked it up today and confirmed that all of those years of Religious School didn’t go to waste. Maimonides defined nine levels in giving tzedakah: