Honest Diversity Conversations: Race Relations & HR
Janine Truitt, Chief Innovations Officer at Talent Think Innovations, LLC

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Steve Levy is the director of sourcing for Indeed as well as a talent acquisition leader, workforce planner, hands-on recruiter, talent community builder & pipeline sourcing and populating magician in ANY technology-laden sector. He is an "Old School"/"New Cool" practitioner who recruits to retain; who mentors recruiters & hiring managers to think & perform better; and trains employees at all levels to become talent scouts. Steve is one of the top 100 most social HR folks & influential recruiters on Twitter and ERE’s first blogger & group leader.

Janine Truitt is the Owner/Chief Innovations Officer for Talent Think Innovations, LLC, a talent management consulting firm. Her career spans ten years in HR and Talent Acquisition that has taken her through the world of pharmaceuticals, healthcare, staffing and R&D. Janine is a dynamic speaker, entrepreneur, and an important and respected voice bringing business savvy to the discipline of HR.

It is through the trials and tribulations of her career travels and her passion for Talent Management that she created Talent Think Innovations in January 2013. Her aim is to provide talent management solutions/strategies that are a catalyst for innovation and get businesses back to the basics of making talent their first priority. It is her belief that this one action- when done genuinely will make for a productive and happy workforce.

Janine doesn’t just preach innovation-she lives it. A globally-known figure in Human Resources and Business, she contributes for: Switch & Swift, TLNT.com, Performance i Create,Womeneur™, Hiring Boss Asia, and IRIS.xyz, where she isn’t afraid to tackle the obstacles and issues facing employers and employees alike. She has been quoted by Maternity.comSHRM, US News Careers and been featured by Black Enterprise and Ebony Magazine. In 2013, Mrs. Truitt was also named one of the Top 100 Most Social Human Resources Experts on Twitter by Huffington Post. Additionally, she is a part of the IBM + Purematter VIP Futurist Project. From guest hosting Twitter chats to webinars, she proves that innovative HR has value and is fast becoming the new business imperative. Connect with her on LinkedIn and Google+. Visit her blog “The Aristocracy of HR”. Follow her tweets on Twitter @CzarinaofHR.


Summary of Webinar:

Diversity conversations are going on in the workplace, but the question is: Are they honest? From racially-charged news headlines to employees going on bias tirades, there is no evading the conversation of diversity and inclusion in the workplace- yet we all do our best to evade it. In fact, a 2014 Deloitte report on Global Human Capital Trends cites ‘Diversity and Inclusion’ as a trend that companies are least concerned about. Contrary to this report, diversity is an important topic in business. 

In the first of this three-part webinar series, Steve and Janine discuss why it is so difficult for HR to have the difficult discussion of race relations and what is the role of human resources when it comes to race relations in the organization. 

In this webcast you will learn:

  1. What is the role of HR when it comes to race relations in the organization?
  2. Why it's so difficult to have discussions around race relations?
  3. How companies should address social issues as played out in the media?

Register on this page for the first part of this three part series. The registration pages for the second and third parts are at:

September 9, 2015
At 1:30pm Eastern / 10:30am Pacific

College Recruiter is the leading niche job board used by college and university recent graduates searching for entry-level jobs and students hunting for internships.