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How to Block Stress–Before the Interview

Just the thought of an interview can set your heart a-thumping. Even the word itself–interview–can bring on cold hands and stomach jitters. When you enter the office and face the employer you may have yet another outbreak of stress–fuzzy thinking and nervous chatter–all of which can result in losing the opportunity to make a good first impression toward landing the job.
So what can you do to rid yourself of these unwanted behaviors? How can you appear calm, cool, and collected, and at your best?


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Getting Hired In A Down Market

If you are one of the increasingly large number of students graduating without a job, take heart. There are things you can do to join the ranks of the working class. “The downturn in the economy will make it essential for all job-seekers to work harder to find a position,” said Robert Graber, the founder of “Don’t think that you can take some time off and wait for the market to improve. It is essential that you hire yourself to find a job now.”
Graber offered some suggestions:


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Four Cover Letter Secrets To Get YOU The Job Interview!

Dear Job Hunter:
Have you ever asked questions like these?
“May I have a chocolate ice cream sundae, please?”
“Are you free for lunch tomorrow?”
“Can you give me a hand moving my desk?”
“Will you loan me a few dollars till payday?”
Life is filled with such mundane questions. In order to get what we need and want we must ask for it–whether it’s a snack, a date, an extra hand. Yet, when it comes to including in a cover letter, the all-important request for a job interview, some job-seekers shy away from asking, “May I meet you to discuss the opening for restaurant manager (or whatever the position may be)?” or “May I come to your office for an interview?”


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Let the jobs and hiring managers find you

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NEW YORK, NY — Let the jobs find you! You do this is by making yourself known to both the world, and recruiters. One way to do this is by joining social networking sites and by making your job history known. The social networking component that has been exploding on the internet over the past few years has really let headhunters and recruiters connect with job seekers in ways they have never been able to before.


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Current job market shows signs of slow down

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SAN DIEGO, CA — A jobs report released recently showed the highest level of job loss in the U.S. in five years, raising more alarms that the country is in a recession. The Bureau of Labor Statistics reported a loss of 80,000 jobs in March, significantly higher than the 50,000 drop economists were expecting. Nationwide, the unemployment rate rose from 4.8 percent to 5.1 percent. That’s the highest level since Hurricane Katrina, and it’s expected to continue climbing.


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Netting the Internet generation

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NEW YORK, NY — Today’s prize recruits are the bright young people who have grown up with new technology, who network and collaborate, and who respond instinctively to the demands of business in the Internet age. Rather than being driven by the prospect of lifetime employment, they crave learning opportunities and an exciting, fast-paced environment.
They are variously referred to as Generation Y or the Net Generation to reflect what makes them really different. Employers are finding that attracting and retaining them can be challenging. They have high expectations for rapid career growth, greater demands for work/life balance, and the need for clear and frequent performance feedback.


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Use keywords that demonstrate your value

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AUSTIN, TX — The problem with many resumes is that they read like biographies. Many companies don’t really care about your life story. Employers want to know if hiring you will be valuable to them. That’s where keywords come in. “Keywords are words that show one can produce results.”


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Risk reducer for starting your own business

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NAPA , CA — A business idea may sound great yet, in practice, flop. Sometimes it may, indeed, be a great idea but you may not have the skills to make it succeed. To reduce the risk of that happening to you, watch someone in your prospective business in action. For example, if you’re thinking about being a Web designer, watch one for an hour or two.


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Basic networking rules apply – even when online

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ST. PAUL, MN — When it comes to social networking – the process of connecting via the Internet – the key word for job seekers is just “networking.” Here are a couple of basic tips for good online networking.
Choose the right people. Your strategy should be to start networking with a short list of at least 20 to 30 people. Make your contacts feel special. Break the e-mail rut by sending a greeting card. Make contact and accept offers of help graciously. Someone will offer you something you see little value in, such as a coffee meeting with a person in the “wrong” industry. Go anyway. In-person meetings can be great opportunities.


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Recession’s impact on the job market

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SACRAMENTO, CA — There is a lot of hoopla over the recession. Or coming recession. But the truth is that the job market is just fine, according to Penelope Trunk who writes the Brazen Careerist blog. The health of today’s job market is not so much a function of economic indicators as it is a function of demographic trends.