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Posted December 22, 2005 by

All I Want For Christmas Is An Interview!!

Watching TV one night last week, I saw one of those Capitol One commercials with the Viking invaders ; you know, the ones where they are always looking for new jobs because everyone is switching to Capitol One? Anyway, the heavyset, bald Viking who is supposed to be the leader declares that, after several scenes depicting embarrassing, holiday-themed follies on the part of his men, “All we want for Christmas is our dignity!”
Like most people, the images in the advertisement were meant to cause a bit of a chuckle on the part of the audience, and I was no exception. More so, actually, since the punch line rang with a bit of truth in my case. Looking for employment is not easy, and its hard to keep one’s chin up at times. After a meager holiday season, I’m slowly depleting my savings as I look for work. Although I’ve landed some freelance projects, all have been unpaid. Which is fine; it builds the resume. But, sooner or later, we all need money.


Posted December 17, 2005 by

Internships: Are They Worth It?

A few weeks back I met up with a friend of mine, Rachael, for coffee at a local café. I was about three weeks or so into my job search, and hadn’t gotten anywhere. Companies simply weren’t responding to my inquiries, even if it was to tell me my qualifications were simply laughable! Rachael, an employed teacher at one of the local middle schools, had been in my position a year and a half previous, and I was keen on absorbing whatever information I could beg, borrow or steal from her.
“You know what helped me the most in terms of marketable experience when was looking for my first job? My internship.” Rachael said, munching a crumpet as she continued. “When they (her employers) saw that I already had six months worth of experience, it pushed me that much farther up their list of candidates. I think everyone should have to do an internship, regardless of what their field is.”