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Great sales jobs for those searching for remote work

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April 30, 2024

Of all of the occupational fields that I can think of, few have the potential for offering remote work as does sales. Countless professional salespeople, for example, work from home part of the time and visit potential and existing clients the rest of the time. Even more, especially since the advent of platforms like Zoom, work remotely virtually or even all of the time as in-person visits to clients are becoming less and less common.

But it is one thing to talk at a high level about jobs that are often remote. It is another to create a list of specific examples of those jobs. To create that list, we reached out to 10 hiring experts to get their ideas on what kinds of sales jobs lend themselves well to remote work.

  • Manage Client Relationships Remotely
  • Leverage Digital Tools in Sales
  • Explore Exciting Remote Sales Careers
  • Sell Virtually in Niche Markets
  • Succeed in Customer-Centric Remote Roles
  • Thrive in Remote Sales Environments
  • Utilize Sales Skills for Remote Work
  • Advise, Sell, and Coordinate Sales Remotely
  • Cultivate Relationships and Strategies Online
  • Drive Sales from Anywhere with Remote Roles

Manage Client Relationships Remotely

As an account executive, you will be responsible for managing and expanding relationships with clients. This role is perfect for remote workers as it requires strong communication skills and the ability to build rapport with customers over the phone or through virtual meetings. You can work remotely while still effectively managing your accounts, making sales calls, and closing deals.

A business development representative is responsible for identifying and reaching out to potential clients, generating leads, and setting up initial meetings. This job can easily be done remotely as it mostly involves phone calls, email correspondence, and virtual networking. With the right tools and a strong internet connection, you can effectively grow your network and bring in new business from the comfort of your own home.

A sales manager is responsible for overseeing a team of sales representatives and ensuring that they meet their targets. This role requires strong leadership skills and the ability to motivate and manage a remote team effectively. With advancements in technology, it is now easier than ever to track sales performance, conduct virtual meetings, and provide support and feedback to remote team members. This makes sales management a great job for remote workers who want to work in sales while also taking on a leadership role.

Keith Sant, Founder & CEO, Sell My Mobile Home Park

Leverage Digital Tools in Sales

Remote work is well-suited to several roles in the sales sector, particularly for those looking to leverage flexibility and digital tools. Inside sales representatives thrive in a remote setting, using phone calls, emails, and video chats to guide clients from the initial contact through to the final sale, all from a home office.

Account managers, too, can effectively work remotely, focusing on nurturing long-term relationships with existing customers by regularly checking in and resolving their concerns virtually.

Additionally, sales consultants can excel remotely by offering expert advice and tailored solutions to clients over digital platforms, often involving detailed product demonstrations and customized sales strategies. These roles leverage strong communication skills and self-motivation, making them ideal for those seeking to work in sales from anywhere.

Michael Hammelburger, Founder, Sales Therapy

Explore Exciting Remote Sales Careers

Considering a switch to remote work? If you have a knack for sales and enjoy interacting with people, several exciting remote sales careers offer the flexibility you seek. 

Here are three options:

Sales Development Representative (SDR): Be the information architect, researching target companies and decision-makers. You’ll qualify leads by identifying those who could benefit most from your company’s solutions. 

Typical day of a starting SDR:

+ Make 50 calls a day 

+ Send 100 cold emails a day 

+ Get to know the industry, products/services, and audience 

Customer Success Manager (CSM): Become a trusted advisor, guiding clients to maximize the value of your product. This role focuses on building long-term customer relationships and ensuring their success.

Hate cold calling but love commissions and talking with people? This is what you do.

Business Development Representative (BDR): Think of yourself as a growth strategist. You’ll leverage your research and communication skills to identify new business opportunities and forge partnerships to fuel company expansion.

SDRs are cold-calling champions, identifying ideal prospects. BDRs leverage networks to convert warm leads, while both prevent churn through a full sales pipeline.

These roles offer the flexibility of remote work while allowing you to build relationships, influence decisions, and achieve your sales goals. So, if you’re an ambitious individual who thrives in sales, consider exploring these exciting remote career paths!

Stephan Koning, Head of Sales

Sell Virtually in Niche Markets

Virtual Event Sales Specialist: Tapping into the numerous networking, product-launch, and conference opportunities that virtual events now provide businesses, the virtual event sales specialist sells event sponsorships, exhibition spaces, and tickets through the use of digital channels to pitch to prospects and manage the sales journey from start to finish, as well as using sales apps and tools that are relevant to their business needs.

Online Course Sales Strategist: The rise of the online-learning industry has boosted demand for professionals who can market and sell online courses. This involves devising strategies that can boost course enrollments to reach target audiences, such as marketing to influencers or through affiliate programs, as well as targeted ads. This role is suited to individuals who have a passion for education and well-developed digital marketing strategies.

SaaS Renewal Specialist: Retaining a customer’s subscription is as critical as landing a new client in SaaS. A SaaS renewal specialist looks after a client throughout the renewal process, upselling and renewing their subscription, while ensuring they’re getting the most out of the product. This may require the employee to be versed in the nuances of the product and have excellent communication and negotiation skills, but all of these tasks can be achieved from your own home setup.

Sarah Jeffries, Founder, First Aid Courses Manchester

Succeed in Customer-Centric Remote Roles

The first job that comes to mind is that of a customer success manager. This role is pivotal in ensuring client satisfaction and driving repeat business. They work closely with customers, understand their needs, and ensure the product or service is meeting those needs. In a remote setting, they leverage digital tools to maintain strong relationships with clients and provide solutions promptly.

The second job is as a Sales Development Representative (SDR). SDRs are typically the first point of contact in the sales process. They reach out to potential customers, qualify leads, and set up meetings for sales executives. Remote work has revolutionized this role, allowing SDRs to connect with prospects globally, and expanding the company’s reach.

Lastly, a channel sales manager is a great role for remote workers. These individuals are responsible for managing relationships with third-party organizations that sell the company’s products or services. In a remote setting, they can effectively manage multiple partnerships across different regions, ensuring all parties are aligned and working towards common sales goals.

Vicki Morillo, Head of Marketing, Cordless

Thrive in Remote Sales Environments

There are many benefits to working remotely in sales, including the flexibility it provides. If you’re someone who thrives in a fast-paced environment, then you’re in the right place. 

Here’s a look at three positions that are perfect for remote workers:

Sales Development Representative (SDR): As an SDR, you’ll be responsible for creating leads and qualified prospects through cold calling and email outreach, and engaging with prospects through social media. 

As a remote SDR, you can leverage CRM tools and communication platforms to reach potential clients anywhere. It’s a role that requires proactive communication skills as well as resiliency.

Account Executive: As an Account Executive, you’ll manage client accounts, build relationships, and close deals. As a remote account executive, you can engage with clients, prospects, and team members via video conference, email, or phone calls. 

With the right tech stack and organizational skills, you can effectively manage your pipeline and work with teams across different locations.

Sales Consultant: A Sales Consultant works remotely with clients to provide them with solutions tailored to their specific needs. 

They hold virtual meetings, deliver presentations, and demonstrate products to illustrate the value proposition to the client. 

A strong understanding of the product and the ability to establish trust from a distance is essential.

All of these positions provide remote workers the freedom and flexibility they desire while still offering plenty of sales and growth opportunities for the company. 

As someone who has spent much time working on TP-Link’s marketing strategies, I’ve seen the growing need for remote sales positions and the power of modern communications and collaboration tools.

Laviet Joaquin, Marketing Head, TP-Link

Utilize Sales Skills for Remote Work

The choice of working in sales may automatically evoke the enjoyment of working with people. After all, sales are generally considered the combination of relaying the attributes of your product and evoking a message of honesty and approachability to your audience. There are so many more vital specializations that sales personnel can provide to any organization, many of which can be performed expertly as a remote worker. Consider the teams within a nonprofit organization, working on grant writing and solicitation. Looking toward traditional retail or wholesale businesses, many sales personnel can offer research, data gathering, and analysis to assist with advertising and marketing messaging. Additionally, sales teams often require customer service staff, trained and skilled in communications and, at times, complaint resolution. The remote aspect of sales personnel can offer many important practices, without the distractions of being required to work within the office.

Ashley Kenny, Co-Founder, Heirloom Video Books

Advise, Sell, and Coordinate Sales Remotely

For those looking for a remote position in sales, you could look into roles like sales consultant, digital sales specialist, and sales operations coordinator. 

As a remote sales consultant, you would provide advice and guidance to businesses to improve their sales process. The goal is to help them increase revenue and achieve their sales targets. In this role, responsibilities may include conducting sales audits, developing sales strategies, and providing recommendations for optimizing sales performance.

Another job to consider is a digital sales specialist. Here, you would focus on selling products or services through online channels like websites, social media platforms, and other digital marketplaces. This role does require knowledge of digital marketing trends, e-commerce platforms, and online sales tactics.

A third job is as a sales operations coordinator. In this job, you support the sales operations team by assisting in sales planning and sales process optimization. This role requires attention to detail, strong organizational skills, and the ability to work collaboratively with cross-functional teams.

Christine Tran, Marketing Coordinator, Achievable

Cultivate Relationships and Strategies Online

Navigating the terrain of remote sales careers, account management emerges as a prime contender, allowing for the nurturing of client relationships from anywhere. Digital marketing roles offer a canvas for creative sales strategies, harnessing online platforms to drive engagement and conversions. Lastly, business development positions stand out, focusing on the cultivation of new opportunities and partnerships, a task that thrives on the flexibility and global reach of remote work.

Josh Ladick, President, GSA Focus

Drive Sales from Anywhere with Remote Roles

Remote work in sales is perfectly suited for roles like a Tele-sales Agent, where you’re responsible for making sales directly to consumers or businesses over the phone. It’s a role that requires excellent persuasive skills and the ability to quickly build rapport with potential customers.

Another fitting job is as an E-commerce Sales Manager, where you oversee online sales strategies, manage e-commerce platforms, and analyze sales data to increase online sales performance. This role is particularly well-suited for those with a knack for digital marketing and analytics.

Lastly, the job of a Channel Sales Manager, who works remotely, involves developing and maintaining relationships with partners or distributors to sell a company’s products or services. This position demands strategic thinking and the ability to collaborate effectively with partners to drive sales through different channels.

Sergey Taver, Marketing Manager, Precision Watches

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