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Real estate offers great job options for those who want remote work

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Anita Jobb AvatarAnita Jobb
April 26, 2024

Some professions lend themselves well to remote work, or at least hybrid where you’re in the office some of the time and working from home the rest. Real estate is one of those but even within such an industry, there are plenty of jobs that must be performed in-person and in the office.

We wanted to find out what jobs in real estate are particularly good for those who are searching for remote work. We asked 15 hiring experts for their thoughts.

  • Become a Virtual Real Estate Assistant
  • Freelance as a Real Estate Writer
  • Explore Real Estate Photography
  • Manage Real Estate Transactions Remotely
  • Leverage Tech for Real Estate Services
  • Work as a Remote Real Estate Agent
  • Oversee Rentals as a Property Manager
  • Advise as a Virtual Property Consultant
  • Facilitate Deals as a Mortgage Broker
  • Craft Digital Strategies in Real Estate
  • Analyze Market as a Real Estate Analyst
  • Create Content for Real Estate
  • Administer Leases Remotely
  • Originate Loans as a Remote Officer
  • Support Legally as a Remote Paralegal

Become a Virtual Real Estate Assistant

For remote workers interested in the real estate sector, several roles offer flexibility and the opportunity to work remotely while still contributing to the industry. One such role is that of a virtual real estate assistant. Virtual assistants support real estate agents with administrative tasks such as managing emails, scheduling appointments, and coordinating marketing efforts. This position allows individuals to work from anywhere with an internet connection, providing flexibility and autonomy.

Another promising opportunity for remote workers in real estate is becoming a freelance real estate writer or blogger. With the increasing importance of online presence and content marketing in the industry, there’s a demand for individuals who can create engaging and informative content related to real estate trends, market analysis, and property tips. Freelance writers can work remotely, researching and producing content for real estate websites, blogs, and publications, leveraging their expertise and creativity to attract audiences and drive engagement.

Also, remote roles in real estate photography and virtual staging present appealing options for those with creative flair and technical skills. As more transactions occur online, high-quality visuals are essential for showcasing properties effectively. Remote real estate photographers can capture images of homes and properties from various locations, while virtual stagers can digitally enhance photos to present spaces in their best light, all without needing to be physically present at the properties. These roles offer flexibility and the chance to contribute to the visual storytelling aspect of real estate marketing from anywhere in the world.

Kurtis Forster, Sales Representative, Nu-Vista Premiere Realty

Freelance as a Real Estate Writer

For remote workers eyeing the real-estate sector, virtual assistant roles offer a gateway to managing client communications and administrative tasks, pivotal for a company like Land Boss. Digital marketing positions, focusing on SEO and content creation, are crucial for amplifying our online presence, driving leads to our website. Lastly, transaction coordinators excel remotely by overseeing the intricacies of real-estate deals, ensuring smooth, efficient processes from initial contact to closing—a cornerstone of our operational success.

Bart Waldon, Co-Founder, Land Boss

Explore Real Estate Photography

In the evolving landscape of the real estate industry, remote work opportunities are becoming increasingly prevalent, offering professionals flexibility and a wide range of career paths. Among these opportunities, positions that leverage technology and innovative approaches to real estate services are particularly notable. CubiCasa, a company at the forefront of digital floor planning and 3D modeling, exemplifies how expertise in real estate technology can enhance remote work roles.

A role as a Real Estate Virtual Assistant is greatly enriched by experience with technology-driven companies like CubiCasa. This position involves managing digital content, scheduling, and ensuring property listings are attractive and accessible online. With a background in utilizing CubiCasa’s digital solutions, a professional could offer specialized support to real estate agents or agencies, advising on integrating digital floor plans and 3D models to elevate property presentations. This not only improves the marketability of listings but also showcases a forward-thinking approach to real estate.

Remote Property Managers can also benefit from a technological edge, particularly one gained through experience with innovative real estate solutions. By incorporating digital tools like those offered by CubiCasa into their workflow, property managers can enhance the online presence of properties, offer immersive 3D video renders, and create detailed floor plans that attract and engage potential tenants or buyers. This approach not only streamlines property management tasks but also sets a new standard for showcasing properties in a competitive market.

Furthermore, the role of a Real Estate Marketing Specialist is dramatically transformed by expertise in real estate technology. From creating engaging 3D video renders to utilizing detailed floor plans for online listings, a marketing specialist can utilize these tools to generate higher interest and engagement. This innovative approach to marketing not only distinguishes properties in the digital realm but also drives better results in today’s technology-driven market.

The intersection of real estate and technology, as exemplified by CubiCasa, is creating new opportunities for remote workers. From virtual assistance and property management to marketing, the ability to integrate cutting-edge digital

John Kadias, PR & Marketing, CubiCasa

Manage Real Estate Transactions Remotely

A real estate virtual assistant is a great job for remote workers who want to work in the real estate industry. As a virtual assistant, you will be responsible for managing administrative tasks such as scheduling appointments, responding to client emails, and maintaining databases. This allows you to work remotely from anywhere while still contributing to the success of a real estate company.

Real estate sales agents can also work remotely, making it a great job for those who want to work in the industry but prefer a flexible location. As a remote real estate sales agent, you can assist clients with buying and selling properties through online communication tools and virtual tours. This job allows you to have control over your schedule while still being an integral part of the real estate market.

Property managers are responsible for overseeing the operations of rental properties, from finding tenants to managing maintenance and repairs. This job can also be done remotely, making it a great option for remote workers in the real estate industry. With online property management software and virtual communication tools, you can effectively manage multiple properties from anywhere in the world.

Ryan Nelson, Founder, RentalRealEstate

Leverage Tech for Real Estate Services

Navigating the real estate realm remotely, virtual property management stands out, offering a seamless way to oversee properties and tenant relations from anywhere. Another gem is online real estate marketing, leveraging digital strategies to connect properties with the right audience—a skill that aligns with my knack for creating strategic partnerships. Lastly, virtual real estate investing consultancy harnesses market insights and investment acumen, guiding clients through decisions in selling or buying, echoing my journey to provide tailored solutions for quick, fair deals.

Bennett Heyn, CEO, Sell House Columbus Ohio

Work as a Remote Real Estate Agent

1. Mortgage Broker

Most mortgage brokers operate on a remote basis now. While COVID-19 accelerated remote working, it was already fairly commonplace in the industry—especially if you’re working with international clients with whom it’s not practical to meet face-to-face. We also don’t need to visit properties in person to oversee valuations, etc., like a real estate agent or solicitor might. However, our work is embedded in real estate, and you get to see the entire picture—from property flippers to first-time buyers. If you have a passion for the industry, then it’s a brilliant role to learn.

2. Marketing

Marketing is a great remote role as it’s almost 100% digital these days, whether it’s for a mortgage broker or a realtor. One caveat is that if you’re new to the industry, you’ll need to make an effort to connect with your colleagues if you’re working remotely. One of the best ways to learn is to just ask questions and bounce ideas off your colleagues, so you need to make that happen via online meetings and messages.

3. For a junior role, and as a first step into the property world, a customer service role for a mortgage broker or realtor is also a fantastic remote opportunity. Again, there’s rarely a need for face-to-face meetings, and you’ll be surprised at the amount of industry knowledge you’ll learn in just the first six months.

Luther Yeates, Head of Mortgages, UK Expat Mortgage

Oversee Rentals as a Property Manager

Virtual Wholesaler

In real estate, a virtual wholesaler acts as a bridge between property sellers and buyers, identifying profitable off-market properties and connecting them. The key advantage of this role is its ability to be fully performed remotely, ranking it as one of the most adaptable and accessible jobs in the sector.

The remote nature of virtual wholesaling offers distinct benefits over traditional face-to-face wholesaling. It expands your market reach, allowing you to explore opportunities in various locations, even nationwide, thereby diversifying your portfolio and increasing earning potential.

Property Management Consultant

Serving as a property management consultant involves advising owners and investors on optimally managing and enhancing their real estate assets. Tasks include property assessments, developing rental strategies, managing tenant relationships, and conducting financial analyses.

The feasibility of remote work for property management consultants stems from their reliance on data analysis, communication, and advisory skills. These tasks can be efficiently done remotely using digital tools and software for property assessment, offering recommendations, and client interactions. This flexibility allows consultants to serve a diverse range of clients, including those with properties in various locations.

Field Title Searcher & Examiner

A field title searcher and examiner is responsible for verifying the authenticity of property titles during real estate transactions. The possibility of remote work for this role makes it an attractive option within the real estate sector.

Advancements in remote working, especially due to the pandemic, have made it possible to execute these critical tasks from home. Equipped with suitable technology and access to online databases, field title searchers and examiners can provide vital services remotely. This arrangement offers the convenience and balance of working from home, appealing to those interested in real estate careers that accommodate remote work.

Michael E. Farah, Founder, Realtor and Real Estate Attorney, The Farah Law Firm, P.C.

Advise as a Virtual Property Consultant

Remote real estate jobs offer flexibility and opportunity. Firstly, virtual transaction coordinators streamline paperwork and ensure smooth transactions, leveraging digital tools to manage documentation remotely. Secondly, online marketing specialists create compelling digital campaigns to showcase properties and attract buyers, harnessing the power of social media and online platforms. Lastly, remote property managers oversee rental properties, handling tenant inquiries and maintenance requests from afar, using technology to efficiently manage properties from a distance.

Dino DiNenna, Real Estate Broker, Hilton Head Realty Sales

Facilitate Deals as a Mortgage Broker

Virtual Real Estate Assistant

A virtual real estate assistant is a popular job for remote workers in the real estate industry. As a virtual assistant, you would provide administrative and technical support to real estate agents and brokers from the comfort of your own home. Tasks may include managing emails and calendars, creating marketing materials, scheduling appointments, and coordinating with clients. With the growth in online real estate transactions, the demand for virtual assistants in this field is increasing, making it a great option for remote workers looking to work in real estate.

Property Manager

Property management can also be done remotely, making it an ideal job for those who want to work in real estate from anywhere. As a property manager, you would oversee and manage rental properties on behalf of landlords or property owners. This can include screening and selecting tenants, collecting rent, coordinating maintenance and repairs, and handling any issues that may arise with the property. With the use of technology and online communication tools, remote property managers can effectively manage properties without being physically present.

Real Estate Photographer

For those with a creative eye and photography skills, becoming a real estate photographer can be a great remote job in the real estate industry. As a real estate photographer, you would take high-quality photos of properties for sale or rent to showcase their features and attract potential buyers or renters. This job can often be done on a freelance basis, giving remote workers the flexibility to choose their own schedule and work from any location. With the growing trend of virtual tours and online property listings, real estate photography is a sought-after skill for remote workers in this industry.

Krixelle Sant, Founder & CEO, Sell My House Fast For Cash

Craft Digital Strategies in Real Estate

In real estate, remote work opportunities have expanded significantly, offering flexibility and autonomy to professionals. Three real estate jobs ideal for remote work are virtual real estate assistants, online mortgage brokers, and remote loan processors. These positions can be effectively carried out from anywhere with the right digital tools and communication platforms. Additionally, remote work in these positions can enhance productivity and facilitate seamless collaboration and personalized service delivery for clients, contributing to a thriving real estate ecosystem in the digital age.

Amresh Singh, CEO, HomeAbroad Inc.

Analyze Market as a Real Estate Analyst

When it comes to the real estate business, and when work efficiency is a priority, the truth is that it really does take a whole team to maximize productivity. And this is why one doesn’t necessarily have to be an expert salesperson or an expert at marketing to work remotely in real estate. The truth is, there are many job options for individuals to choose from, and the possibility of successfully navigating a career in the real estate industry while working completely remotely, even without being a real estate expert, has been made incredibly easy. Here is a list to choose from:

Social media manager: This role is by far one of the most popular remote job options available today. Engaging with audiences through social media channels is also important even in the real estate industry because the ability of businesses to offer satisfactory services to their customer base is hinged on how well they understand their needs and their ability to share relevant and meaningful insights with their audience through entertaining and engaging content. This is why I believe remote workers who are trained social media managers would succeed even in the real estate industry.

Web designers: Every business needs a website to attract and retain attention to their offerings. This is why working remotely as a web designer in real estate would be a great idea.

SEO specialist: E-commerce has come to stay, and what this means is that businesses will have to up their games to retain their customer base and attract new customers. Here is where an SEO specialist comes in because the truth is that there are aspects of its operations that businesses cannot handle on their own without involving an expert. Hence, working remotely as an SEO specialist would be a great fit for remote workers who want to work in real estate.

Rinal Patel, Founder, We Buy Philly Homes

Create Content for Real Estate

Real estate offers numerous opportunities for remote workers. One such option is for virtual real estate assistants. Virtual assistants support real estate agents and brokers by managing administrative tasks, scheduling appointments, and coordinating transactions remotely.

Real estate marketing specialists create and implement digital marketing strategies to promote properties. They attract potential buyers and tenants through social media accounts, create content, and run online advertising campaigns from a remote location.

Real estate analysts conduct market research, financial analysis, and property valuation. They support investment decisions and portfolio management. These analysts analyze market trends, assess property performance, and prepare reports for clients or stakeholders.

Perry Zheng, Founder and CEO, Pallas

Administer Leases Remotely

Three great jobs for remote workers in real estate include virtual assistants, who handle administrative tasks and client communication; content creators, responsible for crafting engaging property listings, blogs, and social media content; and market analysts, who analyze real estate trends and data from anywhere. Each role leverages digital tools and platforms, allowing for flexibility and the ability to work from any location. These positions support the dynamic needs of real estate while offering the freedom of remote work.

Josh Steppling, Broker Associate, Treasure Coast Real Estate

Originate Loans as a Remote Officer

If you’re someone who’s organized, detail-oriented, and enjoys problem-solving, you could work as a remote lease administrator. A lot of the job involves resolving disputes between landlords and tenants and drafting lease-related correspondence. There are loads of digital tools at your disposal to efficiently manage lease documents, communicate with all parties involved via email or video calls, and keep meticulous records of lease agreements, all while working remotely.

Another option is working remotely as a loan officer—a very important role in mortgage transactions. You’re responsible for originating and closing mortgage loans, which involves interacting with clients, assessing loan applications, and ensuring compliance with lending regulations.

Last on the list is the role of a mortgage data entry clerk. While not as glamorous as other positions, it’s a good starting point. You can utilize remote access to databases and software to efficiently handle mortgage documents and ensure data accuracy from anywhere.

Mike Roberts, Co-Founder, City Creek Mortgage

Support Legally as a Remote Paralegal

From my depth of experience as a transactional attorney with a focus on real estate, I’ve encountered numerous remote-friendly roles in the real estate sector that align perfectly with our evolving digital landscape. Based on the legal aspects of real estate transactions I’ve navigated, and the broad spectrum of clients I’ve supported, here are three ideal remote roles in this field.

Firstly, a Real Estate Paralegal working remotely is highly effective. These professionals support real estate attorneys like myself in preparing for closings, researching property records, and drafting various legal documents. Their ability to work remotely is propelled by online databases and digital document management systems, making physical presence in an office less necessary. My practice has benefited greatly from the meticulous and accessible support of remote paralegals, who ensure that every transaction is legally sound and seamlessly executed.

Next, a Remote Compliance Officer is crucial, especially in navigating the complex regulatory landscape of real estate. Real estate laws vary significantly across jurisdictions, and having someone dedicated to ensuring that transactions comply with local, state, and federal regulations is invaluable. This role perfectly suits remote work as it often involves a lot of research and documentation, tasks that can be done effectively from anywhere. Given the increase in regulatory scrutiny within the real estate sector, the demand for remote compliance officers is higher than ever.

Lastly, the role of a Remote Real Estate Analyst offers a significant opportunity for those interested in market dynamics and property valuation. Using various online tools and databases, analysts can evaluate market trends, assess property values, and provide investment insights from virtually anywhere. In my practice, insights from remote real estate analysts have been instrumental in advising clients on when and where to invest, aligning perfectly with our goal of achieving client objectives efficiently.

These roles not only offer the flexibility and benefits of remote work but also are pivotal in facilitating the complex processes involved in real estate transactions, proving that the field is ripe with opportunities for remote professionals.

David Greiner, Esq., Owner, Greiner Law Corp

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