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15 great jobs for managers who want to work remotely

Anita Jobb AvatarAnita Jobb
April 23, 2024

There’s nothing inherent about the role of manager that requires the employee to work in person, whether that’s all of or part of the time. To be a manager simply means that you’re a person responsible for controlling or administering at least part of an organization. Maybe people report to you. Maybe none do.

One thing that many managers have in common is that some, perhaps most, and occasionally all of their work can be performed at least as well from home or other remote work setting as it could be in person. And because of that, many managers prefer to work remotely, either fully or partially. To help these people find great, remote jobs as managers, we recently reached out to 15 hiring experts and ask them to share with us some ideas for jobs that are great for remote workers who want to work in management.

  • Ideal Remote Management Roles
  • Innovative Remote Leadership Jobs
  • Essential Remote Development Roles
  • Rewarding Remote Leadership Positions
  • Diverse Remote Management Opportunities
  • Tech-Driven Remote Management Jobs
  • Digital Marketing Remote Roles
  • Finance Management from Anywhere
  • Strategic Remote Management Careers
  • Remote Management in Global Teams
  • Educational and IT Remote Management
  • Exciting Remote Management Options
  • Data-Driven Remote Management Insights
  • Remote Brand and Content Strategy Roles
  • Diverse Remote Executive Positions

Ideal Remote Management Roles

When I started thinking about the ideal management jobs for remote workers, I thought about my daughter and what I would suggest for her. Most people want to enjoy their work for a living, but job security and pay are also important. 

With that, I think Cybersecurity Analyst (protecting networks), Public Relations (PR) Director (overseeing the public image), and Privacy Officer (ensuring privacy practices are followed) roles would be my top ‘remote worker’ suggestions.

Determination and grit will take you a long way in the management world!

Ephrance Steele, MBA, MPM, Operations Manager, Applied Materials

Innovative Remote Leadership Jobs

In an era where adaptation and innovation are keys to survival, the Remote Change and Innovation Director role stands out. This position involves leading the charge on organizational change initiatives, fostering a culture of innovation, and ensuring that remote teams are agile and responsive to market shifts. Spearheading projects that implement new technologies or methodologies across distributed teams, this role requires a visionary leader with strong project management skills. 

Another crucial position is the Remote Digital Transformation Manager, responsible for guiding companies through digital overhauls of their processes and systems to enhance efficiency and competitiveness in a remote setting. 

Additionally, the job of a Remote Agile Implementation Coach is critical for teams transitioning to or optimizing their Agile methodologies, ensuring that remote teams can quickly adapt to changes and maintain productivity. 

These roles are vital for companies looking to stay ahead in rapidly evolving industries by embracing change, leveraging technology, and fostering a culture of continuous improvement.

Ian Sells, CEO, Million Dollar Sellers

Essential Remote Development Roles

In an environment where remote work is prevalent, the Remote Workforce Development Manager is essential for identifying skill gaps and developing training programs to enhance the team’s capabilities from afar. This role involves assessing employee skills, coordinating with external training providers, and monitoring progress. 

Another critical role is that of a Remote Organizational Development Consultant, who works on shaping company culture, improving organizational structures, and facilitating change to optimize remote work efficiency. 

Furthermore, the job of a Remote Employee Relations Specialist focuses on maintaining positive employee relations, mediating conflicts, and ensuring a healthy work environment. 

These management positions play a key role in fostering employee growth, satisfaction, and a positive organizational culture, contributing to the overall success and adaptability of remote teams.

Shawn Plummer, CEO, The Annuity Expert

Rewarding Remote Leadership Positions

As someone passionate about organization and leading teams to success, I find the role of a Remote Project Manager to be highly rewarding for remote workers interested in management. In this position, you’re responsible for planning, executing, and closing projects while coordinating with remote teams across various time zones. It’s a job that requires excellent communication skills and proficiency in project management tools. 

Another great role is a Virtual Team Leader, where you’re in charge of managing and motivating a team to meet company objectives, all from a remote setting. You need to be adept at using digital communication tools to maintain team cohesion and drive productivity. 

Lastly, the Remote Operations Manager position is ideal for those who enjoy optimizing processes and ensuring operational excellence. This role involves overseeing the day-to-day operations of remote teams, requiring a keen eye for detail and strong problem-solving skills. 

These opportunities offer the chance to lead and make significant contributions to an organization while enjoying the flexibility of working from anywhere.

Jennifer Burton, General Manager, Oaks Dumpster Rental

Diverse Remote Management Opportunities

Working remotely in management, I’ve found the role of a Remote Sales Manager incredibly fulfilling, where I can lead a team of sales professionals to achieve targets and expand market presence. This role demands strong leadership qualities and an in-depth understanding of sales strategies and customer behavior. 

Another interesting position is an Online Community Manager. This job involves building, managing, and moderating online communities related to a brand or interest group. It’s perfect for those who excel in communication and have a knack for engaging with diverse audiences. 

Additionally, a Remote HR Manager position is ideal for those interested in managing human resources aspects such as recruitment, onboarding, and employee development from a remote setup. It requires excellent interpersonal skills and a deep understanding of HR practices. 

Each of these roles leverages management skills in unique ways, catering to different interests and strengths.

Allison Kesselring, Sales Manager, Oaks Roofing and Siding

Tech-Driven Remote Management Jobs

Within the tech industry, the position of a Remote Quality Assurance Manager is crucial for ensuring that products meet certain standards and function as intended before reaching the market. This role involves leading a team of QA testers, developing testing protocols, and analyzing test results to identify issues. It’s perfect for detail-oriented individuals with a knack for problem-solving. 

Another compelling role is that of a Remote UX/UI Manager, where you oversee the design and user experience of digital products. This job requires a deep understanding of user behavior and strong leadership to guide a team of designers. 

Lastly, the Remote Customer Support Manager role is key in managing a team that provides exceptional service to customers, addressing their needs and resolving issues efficiently. This position demands excellent communication skills and a patient, customer-focused approach. 

Each of these roles highlights the importance of maintaining high standards and fostering positive user experiences, all while managing teams remotely.

Phil Strazzulla, Founder, SelectSoftware Reviews

Digital Marketing Remote Roles

In the digital marketing sphere, the role of a Remote Social Media Manager is indispensable for brands looking to enhance their online presence. This position involves strategizing, creating, and overseeing content across various social media platforms, as well as engaging with the community. 

Equally crucial is the role of a Remote Event Manager, who plans and executes virtual events, from webinars to online conferences, ensuring they run smoothly and achieve their objectives. This job combines creativity with organizational skills. 

Lastly, the Remote Sustainability Manager is becoming increasingly relevant as companies strive to reduce their environmental impact. This role focuses on developing and implementing sustainability strategies, requiring a passion for environmental issues and strong project management skills. 

These management roles are tailored to individuals looking to leverage their expertise in communication, event planning, or sustainability to make a significant impact remotely.

David Ciccarelli, CEO, Lake

Finance Management from Anywhere

In the finance sector, the position of a Remote Financial Analyst Manager allows professionals to oversee financial planning, analysis, and reporting activities from anywhere in the world. This role requires a strong analytical background and the ability to communicate financial insights clearly. Similarly, the job of a Remote Risk Manager involves identifying, analyzing, and mitigating financial risks for companies operating remotely. It demands a meticulous approach and a deep understanding of financial markets. Lastly, a Remote Tax Manager is essential for ensuring that organizations comply with tax laws and regulations while optimizing their tax strategies. This position is perfect for those with expertise in tax law and a desire to manage complex tax-related issues for remote teams. Each of these finance-oriented roles enables professionals to play a critical role in their company’s financial health and strategy while working remotely.

Jim Pendergast, Senior Vice President, altLINE Sobanco

Strategic Remote Management Careers

Project managers play a pivotal role in overseeing every aspect of project development, ensuring that tasks are completed on time, within budget, and meeting quality standards. They collaborate closely with teams, stakeholders, and clients to facilitate effective communication and decision-making. Leveraging advanced project-management tools and communication platforms, project managers can efficiently manage teams and projects remotely, regardless of geographical locations.

Similarly, operations managers are responsible for optimizing organizational processes, systems, and resources to enhance productivity and efficiency. With the aid of technology, they can monitor and streamline operations remotely, analyzing data and implementing strategies to improve overall performance.

Marketing managers are tasked with developing and executing comprehensive marketing strategies to promote products or services. By harnessing digital marketing channels and collaboration tools, they can effectively engage with teams and partners remotely, driving brand visibility and customer engagement.

These management roles offer remote workers ample opportunities to excel, utilizing technology to efficiently manage projects, operations, and marketing initiatives across diverse industries and geographical locations.

Travis Willis, Director of Customer Success, Aspire

Remote Management in Global Teams

Remote project managers, operations managers, and HR managers aren’t that uncommon in international organizations—you’d actually be more hard-pressed to find someone who has a team that is in the same time zone as they are these days. Project Managers coordinate and oversee projects, remotely or otherwise, ensuring that tasks are completed on time and within budget using virtual collaboration tools. It is a different skill set than managing something onsite, as making course corrections in a digital environment is a bit trickier than in person, so you need to be a good forward planner. Operations Managers manage the day-to-day operations of a business or department, including resource allocation, process improvement, and team coordination. This can be done remotely if the company has a culture that supports it, but oftentimes, operations managers do have to be hybrid because it is such a hands-on role. HR managers these days are generally able to handle human resources functions remotely as well. Recruiting, employee relations, performance management, and training using online platforms and communication tools is not unusual, though again, you’re going to need to get at least some face time with your reports, so expect to travel relatively frequently.

Dragos Badea, CEO, Yarooms

Educational and IT Remote Management

For those interested in the education sector, becoming a Remote Education Program Manager can be incredibly rewarding. This role involves designing and implementing educational programs, curating content, and managing instructors to deliver high-quality online learning experiences. It’s perfect for individuals passionate about education and skilled in project management. 

Another appealing management role is that of a Remote IT Manager, where you oversee the IT infrastructure of a company and manage a team of IT professionals remotely. This role requires a solid technical background and the ability to troubleshoot and resolve issues promptly. 

Lastly, the role of a Remote Content Manager is ideal for those with a passion for writing and content creation. This position involves strategizing content plans, managing a team of writers and editors, and ensuring that content aligns with the brand’s voice and objectives. 

These roles cater to different interests within the management field, offering varied opportunities for career growth.

Ananvita Bhattacharya, Owner, WellnessZing

Exciting Remote Management Options

Project Manager, Content Marketing Manager, and Customer Success Manager

Remote workers looking for management opportunities have exciting options! A Project Manager is one of them. They oversee remote teams, driving projects to completion and hitting deadlines. Top-notch communication and organization are essential to guide your team remotely.

A Content Marketing Manager is also a fine role. They lead a remote team of writers, editors, and designers to craft engaging content that resonates with your audience. Another interesting role you can adopt is Customer Success Manager. They build relationships with clients remotely, ensuring their satisfaction and maximizing the value of your product with your clients.

Phil Collins, Sales and Marketing Manager, Polymaster Group

Data-Driven Remote Management Insights

As the Founder and CEO of TRAX Analytics, a platform specializing in janitorial management, I’ve gained unique insight into management roles that thrive in remote settings. Let’s dive into three jobs well-suited for remote workers looking to make their mark in management based on my experiences.

First, Data Analysis professionals are increasingly valuable in remote team structures. At TRAX Analytics, we leverage comprehensive data analysis to inform our janitorial management solutions. Data Analysts who work remotely have the flexibility to dive deep into data patterns, trends, and insights at their convenience, leading to more thoughtful, actionable outcomes. This role is critical for driving strategic decisions, and its remote nature allows for a diverse talent pool from various geographic locations.

Next, API Design and Development roles are highly conducive to remote work. The development and maintenance of APIs are vital for ensuring our platforms, like Clean+Inspect and SmartRestroom, can communicate effectively with each other and with external systems. Remote API Developers can collaborate across time zones, bringing diverse perspectives to the table, enhancing innovation. They play a pivotal role in creating scalable, robust software solutions that can be managed virtually from anywhere, providing flexibility and efficiency.

Lastly, Client Success Managers in a remote setting are key to building and maintaining strong client relationships. My experience emphasizes the importance of understanding client needs and advocating for them within the company. Remote Client Success Managers can effectively communicate with clients through various digital platforms, offering personalized support and ensuring client satisfaction without geographical limitations. This role requires a deep understanding of the product or service, excellent communication skills, and a client-first mentality, all of which can be successfully achieved in a remote work environment.

Each of these roles leverages the advantages of remote work to enhance productivity, innovation, and client satisfaction. They demonstrate how remote work can thrive in management positions, offering flexibility, diversity, and a broader talent pool.

Tracy Davis, Founder & CEO, TRAX Analytics, LLC.

Remote Brand and Content Strategy Roles

In the world of marketing and brand management, the Remote Brand Development Strategist position is critical for defining and executing strategies that build and maintain strong brand identities in the digital space. This role involves market research, competitor analysis, and collaboration with marketing and product teams to ensure a cohesive brand message across all platforms. Crafting a unique brand voice and ensuring consistency across all customer touchpoints are key responsibilities. 

Similarly, the Remote Content Marketing Director oversees the creation and distribution of engaging content that supports the brand’s objectives and drives audience engagement. 

The Remote Customer Insight Analyst complements these roles by diving deep into customer data and feedback to inform strategy and product development, ensuring that the brand remains relevant and resonant with its target audience. 

These management roles are pivotal for companies aiming to strengthen their market position and build meaningful connections with consumers in a predominantly digital marketplace.

Michael Nemeroff, CEO & Co-Founder, Rush Order Tees

Diverse Remote Executive Positions

Executive Coach

Earning an average of $99,113 annually, executive coaches guide company executives and emerging management talent to enhance their self-realization and career advancement. They aid clients in developing self-awareness, setting objectives, and establishing healthier daily work routines. Often, executive coaches focus on a specific business sector, such as coaching in the software or logistics industry, or working exclusively with sales executives. Working remotely as an executive coach allows you to advise clients nationwide from your home office or preferred workspace.

Customer Success Manager

In this role, you’ll focus on aiding potential and current customers by showcasing and elucidating the benefits of using text messaging for mobile commerce. The aim is to provide an exceptional customer experience and enhance client retention. A Customer Success Manager’s role is dynamic, requiring excellent communication skills, attention to detail, quick thinking, and adaptability to frequent changes.

Social Media Manager

With average yearly earnings of $50,473, social media management is a marketing field accessible even to those with less experience. Professionals in this role manage social media accounts for brands or influencers, handling content publishing, engaging with followers, and spearheading promotional activities. A marketing background is advantageous for securing top opportunities. The role’s benefits include completing tasks entirely online and scaling income by managing additional client accounts as efficiency increases.

Billy Litmer, Founder, Honest Eco Tours

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