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Impact of Indeed killing organic postings for employers

Anita Jobb AvatarAnita Jobb
April 18, 2024

When there’s news about Indeed, there’s no one better at deciphering it than Jim Durbin a/k/a The Indeed Whisperer.

Jim has been on just about every side of the recruitment marketing desk, including as a talent acquisition leader, at one of the world’s largest recruitment process outsourcing (RPO) organizations, and now at the helm of Respondable Recruitment Marketing.

Join Cohosts Peter M. Zollman of AIM Group and Steven Rothberg of College Recruiter on this week’s episode of the Inside Job Boards and Recruitment Marketplaces Podcast as we unpack the rumors about Indeed sending out letters to ad agencies (and perhaps others) telling them that organic (free) traffic is ending and all postings will need to be sponsored (paid). If Indeed matters to you, and it should, so will this episode.

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