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One female founder’s journey in starting up an HR tech company

Anita Jobb AvatarAnita Jobb
February 22, 2024

Sometimes, the pain that we experience in our professional lives pays dividends. Today’s guest, Ahva Sadeghi took some of the pain that she and all of us have experienced in finding and starting a new job and channeled that into an HR tech start-up that massively improves the experience of bringing on a new employee, both for that employee and the employer.

Symba’s solution largely sits in between the offer and start dates which, for college students and recent graduates, can easily be six or more months. But even if your employees typically start within days or weeks of receiving an offer, the same problem exists: what to expect on day one.

Join Cohosts Jeanette Leeds of AMS and Steven Rothberg of College Recruiter as they learn about Ahva’s impressive background, Symba’s mission, and even share some of their own early professional experiences.

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