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Chatbot Demo: Pay-Per-Application Benchmark and Pricing Insights to Reach Your Hiring Goals

Brad Boggs AvatarBrad Boggs
February 22, 2024

Watch a quick demo of our new chatbot created to provide benchmark data around Pay-Per-Application advertising, and to answer how many applicants it will take you to reach your hiring goals and the associated costs.

Click to chat with the feature anytime for custom insights based on your own unique hiring goals. Here’s how it works:

The data we’ll show you is based on industry-wide benchmarks from millions of job seeker applications and employer recruitment marketing spend with the goal of helping you make better job advertising decisions.

We recommend using part of your budget with online sources like College Recruiter that can operate on a Cost-Per-Application basis.  This removes the risk of paying for low-quality click traffic and allows you to lock in a certain value for your job advertising spend.

We’ll be happy to consult with you further on how we can help achieve your hiring goals.

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