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Are your disconnected TA systems killing your hiring?

Anita Jobb AvatarAnita Jobb
January 18, 2024

For all the benefits that job boards and ATS can bring to talent acquisition, it can be maddening how disconnected many of them are. Enter JobSync.

JobSync automates the integration of employers’ ATSs and the job sites they use, resulting in 2-5x fully completed applications, improving the applicant and candidate experience, and eliminating hours of wasted recruiters’ time from manual tasks every day.

It would be fun to pretend that JobSync does all of that through the use of black magic. Sadly but fortunately, the truth is that it is the product of some of the smartest and most thoughtful industry veterans coupled with really, really good tech. Join Cohosts Jeanette Leeds of AMS and Steven Rothberg of College Recruiter as they speak with Leah Daniels, Chief Commercial Officer of JobSync.

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