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Workforce diversity includes disabilities, not just gender and race

Anita Jobb AvatarAnita Jobb
December 13, 2023

Study after study prove that the more diverse a workplace, the more productive is its workforce. So, in addition to many employers wanting to do the right thing by creating diverse, inclusive workplaces, they also understand that another, massive benefit is an improvement to their bottom lines. And, to many in the C-suite, it is the bottom line that matters most.

Most managers and human resource professionals would agree that it is super important for workplaces to welcome everyone, including people with disabilities. Why? Because lots of people with disabilities are ready to work and have amazing skills. But sometimes, they don’t get the same chances to find jobs as others. We need to change this because when everyone can work, it’s good for the whole company.

What Can Companies Do?

  1. Check Your Office: Make sure your office and websites are easy for everyone to use. This includes people with different kinds of disabilities, like those who might have trouble seeing or moving around. And it also includes home offices, which are often the preferable and even necessary work location for those with disabilities. A home office can be the difference between a person with disabilities doing a great job for an employer versus not being able to do the job at all.
  2. Be Smart About Design: When you’re setting up your office or picking technology, think about everyone. Design things in a way that all kinds of people can use.
  3. Clear Job Descriptions: Write job ads that everyone can understand and that make people with disabilities feel welcome to apply.
  4. Support and Mentorship: Offer help and guidance to new employees, especially those with disabilities. This can be through mentoring programs or groups where they can share experiences and get advice.
  5. Internships: Offer internships to people with disabilities. This is a great way for them to start their careers and for companies to find awesome new employees.
  6. Online Presence: Show on your website and in your job ads that you welcome people with disabilities. This can encourage them to apply.

Making a Difference

By doing these things, companies can make a big difference. They show that they care about everyone and value different perspectives. This not only helps people with disabilities but makes the whole company better and, yes, more profitable.

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