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Why employers should add application conversion tracking pixels to their ATS confirmation pages

Image courtesy of Shutterstock
Image courtesy of Shutterstock
Steven Rothberg AvatarSteven Rothberg
September 12, 2023

Let’s be honest. Recruitment advertising has barely changed from when the first help wanted ad appeared in a newspaper in 1705 until very recently. Sure, the technology is better and the tools are different, but the fundamental process was post-and-pray: employers would post a job ad and pray that it generated results.

But that started to change about a decade ago when introduced cost-per-click (CPC) advertising into the world of job boards and then Indeed popularized what we now regard as one form of performance-based advertising. Programmatic job ad distribution was later introduced to bring added efficiency to CPC and cost-per-application (CPA) advertising.

As more and more employers embrace performance-based pricing and sometimes also programmatic job ad distribution, jata analytics and digital technology are changing the ways employers and job boards operate. The goal remains constant: secure the best talent while maximizing return on investment. One transformative yet underused tool to achieve this is the application conversion tracking pixel. Employers can significantly enhance the efficiency and effectiveness of their recruitment strategies by incorporating these pixels into their Applicant Tracking Systems (ATS).

The Essence of Tracking Pixels in Recruitment

A tracking pixel is essentially a 1×1 pixel-sized transparent image embedded into a webpage that records user activities. When placed on the job application pages within an ATS, the pixel sends real-time data back to the associated job board every time a candidate completes an application.

How It Works:

  1. Instant Data Exchange: As candidates apply for jobs, the pixel relays this real-time information to the job board. Generally, the only data that the pixel sends to the job board is a simple yes/no that the candidate who clicked from the job board to the ATS applied…or not. The job board does not receive other data about the applicant, or even whether the employer viewed the application, interviewed the applicant, extended an offer, etc.
  2. Algorithm Refinement: Armed with this new data, the job board refines its recommendation algorithms, tailoring job postings to reach suitable candidates.
  3. Budget Optimization: Improved targeting allows for more efficient use of the advertising budget, thus reducing overall costs.

Benefits of Pixel Integration

Increased Applicant Volume and Quality

  1. Smarter Targeting: By knowing which ads are effective, the job board can focus on showing the most relevant listings, increasing the overall number of applicants.
  2. Improved Applicant Relevance: With better algorithmic recommendations, more qualified and suitable candidates are likely to apply, enhancing the quality of the applicant pool.

Enhanced Cost-Efficiency

Real-time tracking enables employers to make the most out of every advertising dollar, significantly improving cost-efficiency. If job boards such as College Recruiter send to your ATS 1,000 candidates (clicks) and 100 apply, we’re likely to send that kind of percentage to you for as long as you advertise similar jobs with us…unless you install our pixel so that we can tell in real-time which of our clicks are converting into applications.

If we know which clicks are converting into applications, then we can better predict which candidates on our site in the future are more likely to be interested in your opportunity and we’ll send more of those to you and fewer of the candidates who are unlikely to apply. That’s good for you and us, because a candidate who doesn’t apply is a candidate you cannot hire and anything you spent driving that candidate traffic is a waste of money. The better return you get from us, the more likely it is that you’ll continue to advertise with us and give us a larger share of your future budgets. That’s a nice win-win.

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